House of Malkinius

House Malkinius Gathering
Number 25
Chicago, IL - 21-22 November, 2014

Tal and greetings...

This is gathering number 25 of my bi-annual Gorean gatherings. As has been the recent case, my gathering will once more be held in my home here in the Chicago suburbs and held in conjunction with the ChicagoGor monthly meeting. It has been privately announced to most of those who usually come and to the local group. Due to the interruption of Gorfest, my gathering is now the longest continuously running, regularly scheduled Gorean gathering. This will now end my thirteenth year of bringing Goreans together in person.

The gathering will be mainly held on Saturday the 22nd of November, 2014. I am extending it again to Friday night the 21st and such time on Sunday as and if people wish to gather. Friday night has the same rules as Saturday night. We will decide on Saturday if, what and how to do Sunday among those who may be returning or staying for Sunday. Please note that this is later than my originally planned date but the date is subject to changes depending on work, travel schedules and other six month out unforeseen happenings.

Please read the description and rules below before deciding to attend. While this is technically a public meeting, I put some limits on it including the option to deny entry to anyone I deem not welcome in my house. To further this end and to better plan for the number attending, I do not give out the location unless you RSVP me via email or in person on or before 19 November, 2014.

The gathering will be at my home. We may order out dinner or, do as we usually do, eat what has been provided. That will be decided on the day. I do ask for either a donation to help cover the food and drink or that you bring food/drink to share. If you are coming from a distance and wish a close place to stay there is a hotel nearby with reasonable rates. If you RSVP and ask about it, I will give you the hotel information.

I am once more announcing the tentative date of my next gathering along with the announcement of the current gathering. I currently am planning on my spring 2015 gathering to be on or near Saturday, 17 April, 2015. It may also include Friday night. Details to come when I have them. The ChicagoGor, ORV_Gor, GoreanPersonals and some other Gorean email lists, the Chicago Gor MeetUp page and other forums will have advance notice of the confirmed gathering dates when I update this page. You can also check the Chicago Gor and Gorean Offline Events Forums on FetLife for announcements of the event as well.

I welcome anyone with a serious interest in Gor and living as a Gorean to my House and to meeting with other Goreans face to face.

I am planning on once more including a live video chat through Google Hangouts. This will be sometime late Saturday afternoon and maybe also on Friday night depending on interest and success in getting the system running. Details will be posted on the ChicagoGor forum on

House Malkinius Gathering

A House Malkinius Gathering consists of three parts. First, an open discussion period. Second, either a public gathering at a restaurant for dinner or dinner together at the site. Third is a time for slaves to serve the Free as slaves in the Gorean style. Anyone may join us at any time during the day or dinner. You do not need to stay or come for all of it.

I am deliberately making this more limited than some group's gatherings in order to make it more accessible to people, especially people new to meeting others offline. Attending this Gathering does not make you Gorean or prove anything about you except maybe gender and that you have an interest in living as a Gorean.

The following links are to the places where last minute updates and schedules will be posted. You do need to sign up for FetLife to read the forums there.

FetLife Forum: Gorean Offline Events

FetLife Forum: Chicago Gor

You may RSVP at

General Discussion

This part of the Gathering is very similar to an online discussion venue. The purpose is to openly discuss Gorean topics of many sorts. Preference will be given to topics involving living as a Gorean, Gorean meetings, and other Gorean topics. Non-Gorean topics other than getting to know other attendees will be discouraged but not disallowed. Getting to know people is highly encouraged.

Restaurant Gathering

Gorean Serving

House Malkinius Gathering Rules

Revised 09/10/14