House of Malkinius

Goals of the House of Malkinius

The main goal of this house is to bring beauty to our on-line interactions and into our real lives. I have said that a poet is an artist who paints on the canvas of the mind with a palette of words. I want to own an art supply store. Our interactions on IRC are that store.

My personal goals are to live as a man by the Gorean philosophies as best I understand them as were embedded in the novels about the fictional world of Gor by John Norman, to Master myself and to be the best man that I can be here on Earth and to find and bring beauty into my life and the lives of others.

Many of the Gorean interactions are Master/slave ones, this is a slaver's house. As I have been a licensed auctioneer, it also seems appropriate to have such a house.

I would like to set a standard worth attaining, yet high enough to be difficult. Perhaps my goals would be considered unrealistic by some and useless by others. I really do not care. They are my goals, not yours. You do not need to enter my house. I would offer you respect and honor when I visit you and expect you to do the same if you would claim guestrights within mine.

I welcome all within who would be Gorean and who would bring beauty into our lives. Please read and abide by the Rules of the House. They are a part of how I would fulfill my goal to bring beauty to our lives.

Revised 17/10/01