House of Malkinius

Malkinius Revealed

This is for those who would really like to know what I look like...but were afraid to find out. Click on any of the thumbnails to go to a larger version of the picture or just continue to the next page, the pictures will cycle through the sequence.

Malkinius mugging for the camera.
Yes, I do like mugging for the camera.
Malkinius Posed
This is a more posed version of the garb I often wear on weekends.
Malkinius close-up
Hold onto your lunch, these are the close-ups.
Malkinius close-up
Malkinius in his native habitat, in front of his computer. There are two more computers behind him.
Malkinius sparring.
This goes to show that the sword is more than just for show. This is just sparring before a tourney.
Malkinius in black.
Even tho I often wear black, my caste is not that of the assassin.
Malkinius and Unbuilder
Sometimes I meet with other Goreans. This is Unbuilder and myself.

I will add more as time goes along and I get more photos taken or scanned. I now have a digital camera so the task will be easier, except that it is hard to take pictures of yourself, as the close-ups show.

Revised 30/04/08