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Tal...and greetings all.

Welcome to the web site for the House of Malkinius

Herein are the slowly changing and growing things I would like to share with others. I welcome you to my House. These pages include both what I was and what I am now, the history of what I was and the present of what I am and do now as well as things that have occured to me and in my House on and offline and finally some of my thoughts on things Gorean.

Upcoming additions to this web site will include materials for learning about the cultural aspects of being Gorean as taught in House Malkinius, some of the philsophical aspects of being Gorean, some links to sites I believe are worthy of visiting (see the links page), as well as my ramblings and writings. Other things may be added in the fullness of time.

The earliest materials herein, such as the house descriptions, the dance section, the Tale of Malkinius as well as the online collarings were from my early days playing at and learning to be Gorean online. I keep them because they are part of my history and there are things that can still be learned from them. Also I still like some of the writing I did and in the house descriptions, the attempt to inject reality into the online fantasy by creating something that could physically exist.

Through the help of others and a lot of mistakes and learning I shifted years ago from being an online player to someone who does his best to live according to the Gorean Philosophies as best I understand them. I also try my best to help others along their paths, free and slave, and a better understanding of what it takes and means to be Gorean as well as the responsibilities and difficulties of being Gorean.

Should you wish to contact me directly, I can be reached at malkinius@HouseMalkinius. (There is deliberately no direct mail link.)


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