House of Malkinius

A Funny Thing Happened
On the Way To
Making a Free Woman

Sometimes things do not work out the way you had them planned. This was one of those times.

The Collaring of argent.

*** ajula ( has joined channel #House_Malkinius

Malkinius: greetings ajula....

ajula: Tal Master Malkinius

ajula: Tal Mistress Selina

`Selina`: greetings, ajula

Malkinius: how are you this evening ajula?

ajula: so so Master, thank you for asking, and if she may inquire how are you?

`Selina`: she's on webmaster, and that goes on lag to landing a lot, Malkinius... see? lol

Malkinius: ok....thanks for the tech tip...

Malkinius: rather has mostly been a cerebral only mentally tired...

ajula: oh how nice

ajula: whats been celebrated Master

ajula: if ajula may ask

ajula: oh cerbral

ajula: lol

`Selina`: actually we had attended a collaring earlier, so that was a celebration ;o)

Malkinius: that it was...another Panther girl bites the...dust.

ajula: oh how grand

`Selina`: wasn't this panther ;o)

ajula: who got the collar

`Selina`: Damane is now damane{W}, slave of Wulv.

ajula: did not know either

Malkinius: She was rather adamant about never taking a collar late as last night.

ajula: well ajula has said that since Nov

ajula giggles

Malkinius: how long has damane been that way?

`Selina`: oh gosh..... since V*** collared g****

`Selina`: a number of months

ajula hears that name and shudders

`Selina`: heheh.. which name, ajula?

ajula: the person known as V***

`Selina` grins... why does that name make soooo many people shudder.

ajula: he is a player

ajula: perhaps

`Selina`: I don't really know him..... but haven't heard good things about him.

ajula: he is one of the many reasons ajula will never wear another collar

ajula: and should prolly be a FW

`Selina`: oh my goodness.

`Selina`: did you use to belong to him?

ajula: g**** is well suited for him

ajula: noooooooo for gosh sake would have a quiva to my heart first

`Selina`: I think that's why he doesn't get rid of her.... and lets her top him.

ajula: he just ircs ajula

ajula: again

ajula: thats ajula point

ajula: to a real slave

ajula: he treats like hell

ajula: telling you Mistress ajula belly is on empty

ajula: thanks to Masters like Him

`Selina`: I understand what you're saying, really I do.

ajula: the subbies take front seat, the kajira back seat

`Selina`: And there are a whole lot more like him hanging around IRC Gor.

ajula: exactly exactly Mistress, could hug you to death

Malkinius: But not everyone...thankfully...

ajula: when ajula first started lil over 3.5 years ago

`Selina` smiles to ajula...

ajula: it was nothing like this

`Selina`: and remember

`Selina`: there are some Masters who are really good, who get taken by *slaves* like g****.

`Selina`: works both ways.

ajula: yes very true

ajula: very true

ajula: telling you Mistress, at one time ajula was so well loved, and now she is in the same ranks as the subbies

`Selina`: Do you have Master/s in r/l?

`Selina`: for in truth, this isn't the place to find r/l.

ajula: ajula begged release in Nov

ajula: no kidden finding that out

ajula: but my community is so small

ajula: and filled with geriatric population'

`Selina`: hey, *I* resemble that!

ajula: that there is no BDSM here, altho ajula just learned that a real life gorean camp, is in Pittsburgb

ajula: soooo do i Mistress

ajula: ajula is 42

`Selina` grins

ajula: blushes

`Selina`: and I'm 45.

`Selina`: ;o)

ajula: so i am going to check into this r/l community

Malkinius: the Tuchux?

ajula: ooooo someone older then ajula

ajula: this one is owned by Master Sandor

Malkinius: children...children...children...

ajula: that one i think is on Ohio

ajula: kassar

ajula: in Pittsburgh

ajula: you OLDER MASTER!!!!!??????

Malkinius: Isn't that what I just said?

`Selina` grins

ajula: eeeeeeeeppppps

ajula hides

Malkinius sits back, slouching in his chair...sipping his wine...

ajula: not good to slouch Master

Malkinius grins at ajula...

`Selina`: bad for your arthritis, Malkinius.

`Selina`: tsk tsk

ajula: eps when older ya know, osteoporsis sits in

Malkinius: Not a problem here....

ajula: LOL Mistress, GMTA

ajula: dats good

`Selina`: but you know, ajula...

Malkinius: Besides...I enjoy slouching...forces the back to bridge...stengthing it...

ajula listens

`Selina`: when have men ever listened to the likes of us?

`Selina`: lol

Malkinius: We listen...

ajula: no kidden Mistress

Malkinius: I even listen to you Selina...

`Selina` blinks!

Malkinius: About many things....

`Selina`: well, that's something!

Malkinius: Listening is easy....

Malkinius: Deciding what is worth paying attention that gets harder....<grins>

ajula: lol

`Selina`: :-O

`Selina`: now you sound like my r/l.

Malkinius: Good Masters think alike...

Malkinius: by the way...did you ever correct that girl who called you a Master during the serve?

ajula smiles

`Selina`: No, I didn't.

`Selina`: I forgot I still had my strap-on on, I guess.... lol... < just kidding >

ajula: LOLOLOL

Malkinius: Like I told goes with the job...

`Selina`: but I'm panther, I'm not FW.

Malkinius: It is part of the responsibility clause...

Malkinius: Doesn't matter...

ajula: ajula thinks she is going to FW status

Malkinius: Either you're in or you're out....

Malkinius: Like you can't be a little bit pregnant...

`Selina`: well, maybe I better get myself collared or something, cuz at least then I have a purpose I'm comfortable with.

`Selina`: I'm much better at bitching and correcting others when I'm lowercase... lol

`Selina` is just backwards ;o)

Malkinius glances over at the fireplace...

Malkinius: Could be...could be...

`Selina` blushes and adjusts her leathers cuz her fingers are kinda fidgety

`Selina`: gonna be a long night, huh?

ajula peeks around

`Selina`: ajula......

`Selina`: you gotta be careful as FW

ajula: Yes Mistress

`Selina`: you'll get the same kinda talking to as I just got from Malkinius... lol

ajula giggles

ajula: ajula thinks she is more FW these days then slave

`Selina`: want me to collar you and free you?

Malkinius: Understand...that if you take the capped nick...some of us will expect you to live up to it...

`Selina`: or Malkinius can do it, if he's a mind to.

Malkinius: I have an unmarked spare or three in the back...

ajula: lol

`Selina`: but if you really wish to be FW, one of us can do that for you.

ajula: thank you so very much

Malkinius: The only problem is...if I collared her...would I release her?

`Selina`: Gosh, Malkinius, I don't know... would you?

`Selina`: lol

ajula: eeeeeeeeeeps

`Selina`: of course you would if she truly wished to be released.

`Selina`: but then... would you make her FW?

`Selina` quirks an eyebrow to Malkinius

ajula laughs

Malkinius: so you want to get collared and then freed?

`Selina`: I think it's the ol' "takes one to know one" thingie, ajula.

ajula: lol could be

ajula: Yes Master

ajula: would it occur all in one clean sweep

Malkinius: nope...not quite...

ajula listens

Malkinius: There would still a sequence to it....

ajula: how would it happen Master

Malkinius: beg a collar...then beg to be made free from being a slave...

ajula: yes Master

Malkinius: warning...technically...any agreements made beforehand are null and void the moment the collar goes on...

Malkinius: What you have to depend on is trust...

`Selina`: and a lil' panther sitting here with the spare key to the collar ;o)

Malkinius: And a warrior with a sword who does know how to use it...even in real life...

ajula crawls to the Masters feet, arching her back, her perky full breasts thrusting out, as she raises her arms over her head, firey red curls spill down her back, wrist crossed, she softly begs,, Master Malikinus, a girl begs a collar, she begs to be owned

Malkinius looks down at ajula...

ajula keeps her sapphire eyes gazed at his boots

Malkinius: Are you certain of this ajula?

ajula: Yes Master

Malkinius reaches into his pouch and pulls out a length of binding fiber...

`Selina` watches quietly

ajula takes a deep breath as she feels her heart racing, her ptite frame start to quiver inside

Malkinius places his hands on the top and bottom of ajula's crossed wrists...

Malkinius: I give you one last chance...

Malkinius: What are you and what will you be?

ajula: a girl reliniquishes any chances Master

`Selina` swallows a lump at her throat ... the words sounding a tiny bit .. final.

ajula: ajula is slave, and she will be a collared slave

Malkinius swiftly binds ajula's wrists with the binding fiber in his hands, tying them tightly together...

Malkinius: Accepted...kajira.

ajula closes her eyes tight, hearing His words

ajula: yes Master, thank You Master

Malkinius: head to the floor...arms outstreatched...and await me.

ajula: Yes Master

Malkinius stands, turns from her...and walks slowly into the back room behind the auction block.

ajula bends her tiny waist, placing her forehead to the floor, gracefully as can be accepted with her wrist bound, firey red curls fan around her, gold navel ring flutters against her tan flesh, sapphire eyes lowered, slowly she uncurls her arms before her like a baby larl, awaiting the Master

Malkinius returns from the open collar in his hand...

`Selina` hums the death march

ajula remains still, hearing the Mistress, she stiffles a giggle

Malkinius walks back to stand in front of his slave...

Malkinius: Return to the position of submission...

ajula shivers, chills run along her spine, goosebumps raise along her skin, as she feels the air of his movements brush and caresses her naked flesh

ajula: Yes Master

ajula slides her hands against the floor, rising to as kneel, slowly her thighs part, giving him a glimpse of her pink honey coated labia, rasing her crossed wrist over her head, she lowers her head between her arms

Malkinius holds the collar before the slave...

Malkinius: Look at this...

ajula eyes look at the collar, taking in the shape

Malkinius: This is a collar of the House of Malkinius...It is not my personal collar.

ajula peeks up to Him

ajula: Yes Master

Malkinius: No slave goes to my personal collar save through the House Collar.

ajula: Yes Master

Malkinius takes the collar in both hands....moves a step closer...and reaching forward, places it about the slave's neck....and pauses.

ajula takes a deep breath as she feels the collar encircle her neck

Malkinius closes the collar, letting the only sound in the room, be a...CLICK!

`Selina` shivers hearing the sound seem to reverberate.... glances to Malkinius

Malkinius steps back one step...

ajula hears the click annoucing she is owned

Malkinius: What are you?

ajula: who ever you wish a girl to be Master

Malkinius: What are you?

ajula: a slave of the House of Malkinus

Malkinius: I think for now...I will call you....

Malkinius: argent{HMLK}

ajula: Yes Master

Malkinius: for the silver of the collar you wear...

*** ajula is now known as argent{HMLK}

Malkinius: lower your hands...and stand.

argent{HML: Yes Master

argent{HMLK} lowers her hands as she stands, body trembling

Malkinius reaches behind argent's head, taking hold of her hair, tilts her head to his for the first kiss of a slave by her Master.

argent{HMLK} peeks at Him. bound hands and wrist resting over her baby soft bare mound, her petal soft full pink lips, pressed against his, whimpering as a rush of warmth rages thru her body

Malkinius kisses argent...hard...letting her feel his teeth....yet not giving her the bite of a Master to his slave...

Malkinius releases the kiss as suddenly as it came...

argent{HMLK} arches her back, her hard copper colored nipples dance along his chest, as her tan areola pucker, her heart racing, her breathing irregular, feeling him pull away, she whimpersd

Malkinius then more slowly releases her hair...turns and sits down again...

Malkinius: you may kneel before me....

argent{HML: Yes Master, thank you Master

argent{HMLK} eases to her knees, gracefully, rocking to the left as she tucks her foot beneath her then to the right doing the same, resting her firm tight fanny on her heels, slowly her thighs part,, tummy tucked in tight, breasts thrusted out, head high, sapphire eyes lowered, crossed wrist resting on her silken smooth thighs

Malkinius: Before you begged a collar....I warned you of something...What was that warning?

argent{HML: that what occured before the collaring may not be after the collaring

argent{HML: what was said?

Malkinius: Close enough....

Malkinius: The person you were is no more...

argent{HMLK} peeks at her tied wrist,,, Master, will you untie argent's wrist please

Malkinius: No.

Malkinius: The question now is....what would become...?

argent{HMLK} looks to Him

Malkinius: what would you become?

argent{HML: a FW Master?

Malkinius: a what?

argent{HML: a Free Women, Master, argent will become a Free Women?

*** Karyna (Mistress@ has joined channel #House_Malkinius

Malkinius: Will you?

`Selina`: Tal Karyna

Malkinius: Tal Karyna...

Karyna enters,her green eyes scanning the room as she sits

Karyna: Tal Malkinius

argent{HMLK} quivers inside, looking at her crossed wrist

Karyna: Tal Selina

argent{HML: Please may argent greet she begs Master?

Malkinius: no.

argent{HMLK} eyes widen, her heart picks up pace

Karyna fixes her robes as she brings her knees up sitting crosslegged

Karyna: ahh,that's better!

Karyna: i hope you don't mind if i get comfortable

Malkinius: There are only two things I will allow you to beg at this point...

argent{HMLK} listens

Malkinius: They go in opposite directions....

Malkinius: There is a responsibility in either direction....

argent{HML: Yes Master

Malkinius: I will accept no less.

argent{HMLK} listens intently

Karyna listens as she looks towards the slave

Malkinius: The first is the responsibility of service...

Malkinius: To give more than you are to your Master.

argent{HML: Yes Master

Malkinius: To become more than you may have ever thought possible...or that you had forgotten was possible.

Malkinius: The opposite direction...

argent{HMLK} listens

Malkinius: Gives you the double responsibility...

Malkinius: First...the responsibility for yourself.

Malkinius: Second...the responsibility for others.

argent{HMLK} listens

Malkinius: This is the hardest responsibility of all.

Malkinius: For you must become something you are not...

argent{HMLK} looks to Him

Malkinius: You must become free.

Malkinius: Free to make the hard choices...and to stick by them...and even to suffer for them...

Malkinius: Free to point the way for others who would follow behind you...

Malkinius: Free to watch your words as carfully as any slave...for they have greater impact than anything a slave can say...

Malkinius: Free to hurt, or heal with a look, a word.

argent{HMLK} listens, her heart sinking

Malkinius: What would you be?

argent{HMLK} takes a deep breath, thinks

argent{HML: its not as easy as argent thought Master

Malkinius smiles...

Malkinius: That is because I took it outside the game argent...

Malkinius: I brought it into reality.

argent{HML: Yes Master

argent{HMLK} feels tears burn her eyes r/l

argent{HML: its true Master your words are so wise, and had such a impact on argent

argent{HML: she is slave Master, she could never be Free r/l, she got caught in the trap of players for months, her fire squelched

argent{HML: Thank you Master

Karyna: be well,A/all

`Selina`: Be well, Karyna :)

Malkinius: Be well Karyna...

*** Karyna has left channel #House_Malkinius

argent{HMLK} leans over kissing his knees softly, gratefully

Malkinius: You chose the path of slave?

argent{HML: Yes Master

Malkinius: Did I give you the choice to be free?

argent{HML: Yes Master

Malkinius: Did I do what you expected me to do?

argent{HML: No Master, but your wise ways prevented argent pain in the future and possibly pain for others

Malkinius: In what way have I prevented pain?

argent{HML: well argent is not a FW, after hearing your words, and she would have ended up very unhappy prolly more so then as a slave, or perhaps got face stripped shortly after being Free

argent{HML: and she is not sure if she could lead, and not hurt others, and the last thing she would want is to hurt any by not truely knowing a FW ways, and the impact of the responsibility hit home Master

argent{HML: she knows that at one time she was very pleasing, she knows that she can be a slave

Malkinius: Understand this...most do not feel or acknowledge the responsbilities I outlined...Free Woman or Man.

argent{HML: yes Master

Malkinius: I do.

argent{HML: and from the very bottom of my heart, argent thanks You Master

Malkinius: argent...

argent{HML: Yes Master

Malkinius: I had expected you to still beg your freedom...

Malkinius: But I am pleased that you made a wise choice...

Malkinius: The choice of responsibility...

argent{HML: yes Master thank you Master

Malkinius: It is said that the last free choice a slave can make is whose collar to beg.

Malkinius: I gave you a second choice.

argent{HML: Yes Master

Malkinius: Odly enough...the choice you made was the choice of the free.

argent{HML: yes Master, smiling

argent{HML: Master?

Malkinius: ???

--> `Selina` Well...did you learn something from this?

argent{HML: since you did not expect argent to stay in this collar, a girl would understand if you would wish to release her Master, she knows she has not been worthy of any collar she has been a awful slave, more like a subbie brat, and she would understand

*`Selina` (* was i supposed to?

*`Selina` (* oddly enough i found my heart sinking.

Malkinius: That was going to be my next question for you....

Malkinius: Do you wish to stay...knowing as little about me as you do.

Malkinius: I will not be an easy Master for you in many ways...

--> `Selina` then you did learn something....

argent{HML: Yes Master, for the very little that argent knows she repects, for what you taught her in 20 mins, no Man has taught her in 4 years Master

Malkinius: What did I teach in such a short time that was so unique?

argent{HML: plus Master, this is not a girls first visit here

Malkinius: I know that...

*`Selina` (* it's true that most online masters don't take the time to talk to us

*`Selina` (* to get to the gist of the matter

*`Selina` (* and when we're hurt

*`Selina` (* will just toss us aside as they would yesterday's garbage

argent{HML: she saw a compassionate Master, one that had ajula in tears, that took the time for someone who needed the time, that others did not want to give a chance, her love and devotion was soo unique that night

argent{HML: You taught argent that its easy to loose your true identity in the games others play, you took it to reality, not a selfish reason, but given me a choice, and with that choice came words of wisdom so argent did not need to choose blindly

Malkinius looks down at her bound wrists...

Malkinius: No argent...I was cruel to you...

argent{HMLK} peeks up to Him'

Malkinius: I gave you what you asked for and took it away again...

Malkinius: I brought you unwillingly to the hard side of reality...

Malkinius: I brought you to tears...

Malkinius: Is that compassion...or cruelity?

argent{HML: compassion Master, for argent thinks maybe you saw the slave in her, the reality of things, oh Master, argent will never ever forget this night

Malkinius smiles...

Malkinius: Now that I believe.

argent{HMLK} giggles

Malkinius: The hardest thing of all that I believe what I said....and I practice it.

Malkinius: I know what I can do.

argent{HMLK} looks at her wrist

Malkinius: I know the harm I can inflict...

Malkinius: I do little without reason....

Malkinius: Including keeping you bound.

argent{HML: yes Master, and what you do is awesome, full of insight

Malkinius: If you would stay with me...

Malkinius: ...then so be it.

argent{HML: argent can not imagine walking away, she submits to you, to serve you, please you, to make you smile, to listen when you need to talk, she begs with all that she has to remain Master

Malkinius stands....and draws his sword.

argent{HMLK} eyes widen

Malkinius: argent...I am of the warriors...first and foremost.

Malkinius: I have this house because I am a teacher and an auctioneer....

Malkinius: hold out your hands to me.

argent{HMLK} holds her hands out to him

Malkinius draws the edge of his sword along the bindings between her wrists...cutting them.

Malkinius sets argent's hands free..

argent{HMLK} smiles, then boldly hugs his legs, feeling so happy

argent{HMLK} lowers her waist, kissing his boots

Malkinius: Be very careful what you ask for...I may give it to you...

Malkinius shethes his sword...

`Selina` huggles argent :)

argent{HML: gosh how happy this night is

argent{HML: Mistress thank you your very special to argent

argent{HML: thank you Master, can truely say, argent adores you

Malkinius holds open his arms to his slave...

argent{HMLK} walks into his arms hugging him tight

Malkinius: someday...I might believe you...

`Selina` smiles from ear to ear

Malkinius: But I think you do like me at least a little....<grins>

argent{HML: yessss Master, you will

Malkinius kisses argent...a slow lingering kiss...letting softness and tenderness be the nature of the second kiss.

The next evening I replaced argent's blank collar for one inscribed with the name of my House. This night was the catalyst which brought 2 other slaves into my House who had been on the edge of begging my collar for several weeks. The following page takes place the next night after argent had performed her first serve for her new Master. This ended so late that we continued what I would normally have done after a collaring until the next day. I did edit extranious parts out of the log and changed the names of two people, one Free and one slave.

On 28 November, 1999...argent was released from her collar due to her backsliding into what she was before and my inability to keep her from that state. We both learned something from this. I hope you learn something from my words to her upon her collaring.

Revised 13/10/01