House of Malkinius

The Top Four Dances
of the Third Round
The Brush

First Place:

lorien{S} rises gracefully, her soft voluptuous body silhouetted in the warm glow of the Thalarian lamps. Silky tendrils of midnight cascade down in soft waves to tease at her round bottom as she runs to the post. Embracing the post, she sighs, memories of her Masters touch filling her soul.
lorien{S} drops sensuously to her knees behind the post. Soft creamy thighs press modestly together. Firm, round breasts thrust forth invitingly as she rests her hands upon her knees. Smiling, her blue gaze takes in the luxurious surroundings of the House of Malkinius.
lorien{S} smiles happily as her mind drifts, thoughts of serving her Master filling her heart with joy, tremors ripple through her as she dreams of His touch. Shaking herself back to reality, her gaze falls upon the bucket of warm, soapy water to her right.
lorien{S} bends her supple body forth, sinewy muscles ripple sensuously, hips rocking sweetly as she crawls to the bucket. Pressing up to her knees, she tucks a stray lock of midnight back as she reaches for the large bristled brush lying next to the bucket.
lorien{S} takes the brush in both hands, dipping it into the warm suds. Quietly, she begins her task, full breasts swaying gently as she moves the brush in slow circles along the cool tiles. lorien perks up as she hears a booted footfall behind her, creamy thighs part wider as her round bottom rises higher, inviting the firm touch of the Master.
lorien{S} sighs, her spirits pummeling as she watches the Master walk by, a look of dismay flashes in her eyes as she turns back to her work. Repeatedly, she dips the brush into the warm suds as she scrubs the floor; her movements mirror the frustration she feels.
lorien{S} peers at a Master from beneath luxurious lashes, her heart racing as He comes closer. With greater determination she scrubs harder, her curvaceous body straining with her efforts, writhing as she works...her flesh glistening with the exertion as it aches for the firm touch of a Master.
lorien{S} scrubs furiously as the Master passes by, not even acknowledging her presence, shoulders slumping over as she takes her frustrations out on the tile floor. Pressing up to her knees, her luscious body trembles as she clutches the brush to her chest.
lorien{S} smiles serenely, the brush trailing slowly down as sensuous thoughts of a hungry slave drift to the One that owns her. Her heart racing as she dreams of the One that owns her heart. Gasping, tremors course through her as the brush drags over her hardened nipple, her eyes widening in excitement.
lorien{S} trembles heatedly as she draws the brush slowly over her other breast. A soft moan escapes as she dreams of her Masters hands as she gazes off in the distance, oblivious to her surroundings as she trails the brush over her voluptuous curves. Gracefully, she presses up to her knees, creamy thighs parting wide.
lorien{S} raises the brush slowly, her body glistening with a fine sheen of moisture from the brush as it sways gently, the brush rising and falling with sensuous movement as if brushing her hair. lorien moans softly as she lowers the brush, her satiny flesh tingling with excitement as she trails the brush over her curves.
lorien{S} hears a sound, blushing as she sees the Masters and Mistresses of the House of Malkinius watching her. Quietly, she rises with the sensuous grace of a she-larl, her satiny ivory flesh glistening in the soft glow of the lamps as she twirls about, a bounty of midnight tresses flare over her shoulders and circling around to shadow firm breasts.
lorien{S} dances enticingly to the post. Clasping the post gently, she twirls around it, pulling her body closer to its smooth surface. Wrapping a creamy soft leg about it, her silky flesh caresses its surface as she moves, succumbing to the fire in her belly.
lorien{S} dances gracefully about the room, her steps light as if dancing upon a cloud, her deep blue gaze darkening as she succumbs to the fire in her belly, her luscious hips rocking teasingly with the ardor of a needy slave. The cool wet tiles mirror her lush body as she sways provocatively to the music of her heart.
lorien{S} reaches upwards, whirling about on her toes, her soul soaring as she trails a finger along the intricately designed "S" adorning her collar, her heart filled with love for the One that owns her. With soft steps, she circles the room, her eyes sparkling as they mirror the joy she feels as she dances with quiet sensuality.
lorien{S} smiles warmly as she sees Master Umbar, blue gaze sparkling devilishly as she sashays towards Him. Lush hips rock in a slow tantalizing motion, her pulse quickening as she teasingly circles Him. Boldly, she sidles closer, her breath warm and silky upon His neck as she leans closer as if to kiss Him.
lorien{S} pulls back suddenly, her eyes lighting up as she twirls around before Him, her delicious body swaying, taunting Him as she draws her fingers agonizingly slow up along her curves, trembling hands cupping her firm breasts offering them to His gaze, hips rocking with unbridled passion.
lorien{S} stops, trembling as she hears something from behind her, her blue gaze roaming about the House, searching the shadows. Dances provocatively back to the bucket, her heart races with excitement as she drops gracefully to her knees; creamy soft thighs quivering, as they part wide, shifting back onto her heels.
lorien{S} reaches forth, lifting the large brush, cradling it in her hands as she clutches it to her firm breasts. Arching her back sensuously, soft silken locks of midnight fall forth, framing her face as she peers off into the distance. Smiling, a vision of her Master filling her thoughts and heart with joy.
lorien{S} looks up startled as a shadow falls across her supple frame, her heart leaps with joy as she sees her Master standing beside her, watching. Dropping the brush beside the bucket, she bends forth, soft tresses framing her face as she bends forth, touching her forehead to the floor, stretching her arms towards Master.
lorien{S} whispers softly, "may Your girl please You Master?" Trembling excitedly, she perks up as Master commands her to come serve His pleasure as soon as she finishes her task. lorien peeks up at her Master, her heart beating faster as she watches in awe as He walks away.
lorien{S} presses back to her knees, a loving smile curving her lush lips as she shifts back onto her heels, parting her thighs wide. Raising her hands, thumbs interlocking as she brings them to her chest, fingers fluttering softly like a butterfly ready to take flight as they mimic the gentle rhythm of her heart.
lorien{S} sighs contentedly, her heart filled with the joy of slavery as she moves seductively to a new spot. Smiling as she thinks of the wonders to come, she scrubs the floor with a new vigor, happily completing her task as she dreams once more of her handsome Master, as He awaits His pleasure.
~*~ The End ~*~

Second Place:

siah{U} scampers to the Tem-wood pole on the far side of the House, folding downwards to kneel with legs demurely closed as palms kiss tender thighs. She sways silently in the breeze as she watches the gurgling bubbles of soap in the bucket, an emotional longing sweeps through her body as she touches the tiny white clouds.
siah{U} grins as she picks up the bristled brush, letting fingers taper over its hard surface. Shivering anticipation and lust moving through her body as the hard bristles work there way over creamy skin. Wiggling on the wood floor calmly, she dips the brush deeply into the white suds of water the scintillating warmth creating a funny sensation through her blood as she plays with it.
siah{U} splashes around in the water as a teasing gleam plays in the depths of her eyes. Slowly working in concentretic circles to cleanse away the dirt from the amber colored wood, lifting it upwards once more as she dips it into the suds of the pale gray bucket. Her head turns slightly as she hears foots steps thudding across the floor. Wiggling on her feet excitedly as shivers run through her body.=
siah{U} perks with anticipation, feeling rose red nipples hardening as excitement runs through her mind. Sultry legs slip wide to reveal the hotness of her passion for the handsome Master, curving back slightly as her hands run over the corse brush handle. Playing silently in the water with a teasing look upon her angelic face..
siah{U} bends foward as legs slip wide to reveal the fullness of her heart shaped buttocks. A soft moan escapes through red lips as she scrubs the floor vigorously. She tosses blonde curls to the side as a soft whimper emits from her throat in a teasing whisper. Feeling the searing gaze prickle her skin.
siah{U} peeks upwards with a faint blush staining her cheeks as sudden shyness washes over her body. She works the brush around the floor. Playing with the water as she presses forward on it feeling sad and alone, having been ignored by the Master of her heart. Deeply she feels the vibrations of the floor as his boots scuff back through the Hall, excited clutching it to her chest as droplets of water stream down her body.
siah{U} feels the brush sliding over her body as she rises on her knees in the House. She feels the coarseness torture her silken flesh as it strokes up and down over her breasts. Letting the brush slide down her body as golden curls tumble to the side. She leans to the right a bit as she begins to brush her hair in imaginary strokes as the dreams of her warrior prince come to life in her mind.
siah{U} rises from the floor and wanders aimlessly through the House, looking over her surroundings. Feeling the gazes of the Masters upon her naked body. The gripping confines of her slavery pulsating within her veins as she clutches hands to the wooden pole of the sand pit. The raging frustration of her emotions carrying forth like a sea storm of waves.
siah{U} 's nubile body yearning to please as she tosses her head back feeling the rippling waves of golden curls fan about her shoulders. Naked she clutches to the pole of the House as her gaze roams to the Master within the dark corner, sitting in silence as His eyes caress her body. She turns her head away in shyness as a pink blush begins to stain her cheeks.
siah{U} whirls frightened yet embarrassed to the new found awareness of the body she inhabits. Her femininity shocking through as her gaze roams to Master Shoikan, a sweet smile crosses red lips as her left leg slowly rises, feeling taut muscles ripple beneath silken flesh as she spirals downwards to rest upon her knees. Searching hands roam over hot flesh as she bends forward to press her cheek to the hard wooden floor.
siah{U} rolls languidly over in a rippling current as she bows her back. Raising upwards into a Gorean bow as hands and feet fix firmly into place. Sweeping tendrils of golden hair fall to the sand, mixing earth and sun together to bring new life to her dance of passion for Master Shoikan.
siah{U} whirls with seduction in mind as her gaze roams over Master Shoikan. She watches Him as she crawls with she-larl grace across the wooden floor. Shimming upwards to kneel a few steps away. She coyly plays with her finger as it touches siren red lips, thought fully licking it. Haunting laughter rings forth from her throat as she tosses her head to the side, knowing she is forbidden fruit.
siah{U} pushes upwards from the wooden floor as her gaze turns to the House. The blistering heat of her belly burning like a raging inferno. Taking in the site of the bright red curtains, reminiscent of her silk days in the paga tavern as vivid memories come to life. She swirls her naked form in an arc of pirouettes as she stops suddenly looking to Master Shoikan.
siah{U} purrs as she looks to Master Shoikan coyly, a faint blush staining her cheeks before she slides across the House. Small feet twist this way and that as hips sway in seductive figure eights. Gentle hands roam over her body as she moves them up and down in tantalizing caresses, saucy curls tumble over silken flesh as she turns her head to the right.
siah{U} retreats to the warmth of the bucket as she grabs the hard Tem-wood pole letting it rub against the palms of her hands. She presses forward to its hardness wishing it were Master Shoikan holding her in His arms. Hearing a *THUD* coming from the backroom as she drops to her knees as her heart sings the emotions of her loneliness.
siah{U} curves her back forth as her legs slip wide before the gray bucket of soapy water. She searches for the brush as her gaze roams over the bucket. Shivers of fear prickle her skin with goose bumps as she clutches the brush to her chest. Looking into the distance with dreamy eyes.
siah{U} comes back to reality as she hears Master Shoikan resonant voice calling to her from a few paces away. "Come here kajira," as he points to the floor. She drops the brush in a hurry moving with swiftness to kneel before him. Pressing forehead to the floor as willowy arms outstretch crossing at the wrists to display creamy palms.
siah{U} peeks up to Master Shoikan from under sooty eyelashes as the love and emotion burn within the bright depths of glitter green. She folds her hands into a butterfly before shimming upwards to kneel, letting the wings flap free and easy as her heart beats wildly with love. The motion of the butterfly comes to rest upon her chest.
siah{U} rises fluidly as she slides across the House, kneeling next to the bucket once more. She picks up the bristled brush with renewed vigor and passion beginning to scrub with a smile caressing siren red lips. In her heart that she is a kajira for the pleasure of Men.

Third Place:

kaevia moves across the room, her small feet moving her quickly, silently. slowing down, she moves around the post, cautiously, her sapphire eyes glances at the tall pole that rises from the center of the sand pit. she moves closer, pressing full pink lips to it, then moves away . she settles down on the floor, her eyes on the bucket and brush, she sighs deeply, her finger dipping into the frothy bubbles, stirring them around and around, la
kaevia pulls her hand from the suds and for just the briefest moment she rests her small hands on her knees as she settles back on her heels, her thighs close together, their satiny flesh rubbing together. she lifts the brush from its soapy bath, and begins to scrub at the floor before her, stopping every so often to toss back a golden curl as it falls stubbornly into the growing puddling around her.
kaevia moves the brush around and around, creating lacy patterns in the soapy mire, her full bare breasts swaying sensuously with each stroke. suddenly from out of nowhere she hears the heavy sound of footsteps approaching from behind her. she pushes the brush forward with two small hands then pulls the brush toward her across the floor, nestling it close to her heated charms.
kaevia ,supple creamy gold thighs spread and her strokes, where they were tight and quick before,suddenly become long and sensual, the warm soapy water making her hot flesh glisten in the lamplight. moves her body up and down, her hands gliding in and out from between her achingly wide thighs, the muscles in her back and thighs rippling deliciously as she strokes the floor with the brush, bubbles swirling around her.
kaevia bends low over the floor, her luscious flesh caressing the rough stones, scrubbing in long, easy strokes as the heavy footsteps move closer, she moans as the brush comes closer and closer to her slaveheat. her eyes on the floor around her she pouts slightly as she sees the dark boots approach and pass by without hesitation.
kaevia slumps back down to the floor, the brush once more moving in tiny circles, a soft aching permeating from her heart. she once more dips the brush in the bucket and sets out again to scrub the hard cold floor. kaevia suddenly eeps softly as she once more hears the sound of heavy footsteps approaching from a place out of her line of vision.
kaevia , grasping the brush with both hands once more, thighs spreading wide, she begins scrubbing in earnest, her body bobbing up and down, her full generous breasts moving with her body, her hips rolling as she moves. the footsteps once more continue on their way, without stopping or hesitating. again she settles back on her heels, sighing softly in frustration.
kaevia dips the brush back into the bucket, swirling it around in the now cool water. her mind begins to drift as if in a dream. she withdraws the brush, clutching it to her pounding heart, cool water streaming over her lush flesh. she shivers softly as the rough stiff bristles graze the tender tip of her rosy left nipple, the shock running thru her, igniting a fire in her blood.
kaevia again dips the brush into the rapidly chilling water, then runs the brush over her right nipple, the harshness of the bristles and the cold water, making the pert tender nub harden to a blood engorged button. her blue eyes closing, her mind wonders off to a world of her own, a place where her dreams come to life.
kaevia begins to imagine that she is before an audience of Masters, their eyes on her and only her. she rises to her knees, thighs parting wide. she brushes her hair, for Them, moving the scrub brush thru her long shining tresses of molten gold, letting them see the silken tresses as they slip thru her hands to puddle around her body.
kaevia rises slowly to her feet, her small petite form stretching, her proud jutting breasts lifting as she raises her arms over Her head, her hands weaving senuously over her head, her now wet hair clinging to her succulent flesh. kaevia's hips begin to move, swaying to and fro to the rhythm than whispers in her head.
kaevia begins to move around the room, feeling Their eyes on her, her shimmering wet body tantalizing and teasing Them, but in her minds eye she dances only to Him, Master Leonardo1. she begins to swirl and flutter only for Him, her hands moving down over her body, caressing, drawing His attentions to the fullness and pertness of her sweet breasts, over the flatness of her fiery belly.
kaevia dances closer and closer, her hands beckoning to Him, inviting Him to touch her, to caress her. her body undulating as she moves her hands over her body. in her minds eye, her hands turning into His, soft moans of delight escaping her lips as she imagines Master Leonardo1 's hands on her body. her fingers caress hidden delights, her nails grazing her most hard and throbbing buds.
kaevia moves her hands upwards under her hair, lifting it from her nude form. the mass of untamed curls dropping, cascading down her back, as her body twists and dips, as if moving against His body. she purrs deep in her throat as if she were a golden shelarl, calling to be mated, and Master Leonardo1 the one she calls to.
kaevia suddenly hears a sound, jerking her back to reality. she looks about her at the wide puddle of water about her, and the rough brush moving over her body. again the sound and she looks to one side and suddenly realizes that the object of her daydream stands beside her.
kaevia looks about herself, thighs wide, her back arching as she clutches the brush, she drops the brush to the floor and moves quickly to Him, when she realizes the noise she hears is the sound of her own name being called. called to serve this Master of her dreams.
kaevia sighs softly as He disappears, her small hands crossing over her heart. her thumbs hook and her hands move, fluttering as if her heart turns into a butterfly, now set free to be what it is, just as she is free to be what she is. she slowly turns back to her brush and bucket...she smiles softly, tucking a golden lock behind her ear, her dreams coming true. she returns to her work, her heart the butterfly.

Fourth Place:

{baji}Jermac ~*golden sparkles adorn the sheerest of black silks that flow with her movement as she gracefully runs through the room, reaching to the tie at her shoulder, she releases them, they float to the floor behind her, locks of gold silk dance about her shoulders,,,reaching the post, she moves to the opposite side and falling to her knees, they parting as her palms glide to rest on their softness*~
{baji}Jermac ~*deep hazel eyes travel the depths of the room, finally resting on a wooden bucket in the far corner, moving toward it with ease, she kneels to the right of the bucket, the hardness of the wood grazing her tender flesh as she places both of her delicate hands upon the scrub brush laying before her,,,dipping the brush into the soapy water within, she slowly starts to scrub the floor*~
{baji}Jermac ~*hips moving with her effort, her senses becomes aware of heavy footsteps behind her, she raises up,, a cheerful aura about her,,sliding the brush slowly across the floor, her body becoming as one with the brush,,, her eyes following the Masters boots as they pass by her, never pausing, but continuing on,,,the sound of Him trails off in the distance,,,her breath leaving her with a heavy sigh as she bends forward again, scrubbing as the
{baji}Jermac ~*out of the corner of her eye, a black cloak catches her attention, quickly glancing to the strong Master as His movements seem calculated, her interest peeked, she scrubs harder, her hair seems to dance with every motion,,,vying for His attention,,,He continues by her as though He was unaware of the kajira near His feet,,, a sadness seems to overtake her, delicate hands clutching the brush tightly just above her bosom*~
{baji}Jermac ~*as her hands fall away, the thick bristles of the brush graze her her supple breasts, eyes widening as the harshness of the bristles tease the softness of her nipple, the sensation alluring to her, baji runs the brush across the other, her thoughts wander into another realm, her eyes gazing into the distance,,,rising unto her knees, a soft melody is played on a flute somewhere in the darkness of the room*~
{baji}Jermac ~*she lifts the brush to her long silken tresses, pretending to be brushing the length of them, although the bristles never penetrate her locks,,,bringing the brush over the softness of supple breasts, eyes close with her head turning subtly to one side, back arhes slightly,,,the brush passing over her breasts, then down to her belly, feeling the burn deep within her, she pauses, continuing past her treasures, shivering at her need, the
{baji}Jermac ~*opening her eyes, they peeking through dark lashes, she is aware of the Masters gaze upon her, rolling onto back, she runs her soft hands over her breasts cupping them as a slight moan escapes her lips, her touch lowering to her need, fingertips teasing her petals, they blossoming as a beautiful flower that meets a new day, her fingers fluttering down her inner thigh as she writhes slowly on the floor*~
{baji}Jermac ~*pulling herself to her feet, golden tresses floating as she twirls on her toes, arms outstretched, elbows bent slightly,,, as she slows, her eyes move from one Master to the next, taking in each of Their gazes with her soft eyes, graceful steps move her around the room,,,from a table in the corner, she reaches for the finger cymbals, as she pirouettes, the castanets sing a sensual melody, she moving closer to her audience of Men*~
{baji}Jermac ~*drawing near to Them, her attention turns to One, leaning into Him, her hands caress her rounded curves, in an instant, she twirls around to Another behind her, long tresses tumbling around her bare shoulders, He reaches for her just as she moves from within His grasp, her sweet hips undulate slowly as the melodic drone of the czehar joins the whispering sound of the flute*~
{baji}Jermac ~*her eyes gaze towards the Masters as she dances among Them, He catches her eye,,, baji glides toward Master Leonardo, her body swaying in time with the music, with hands on her hips, soft caresses move up her sides, over her tummy where the fire blazes deep in her soul,,,twirling to where her back is to Him, she bends back to Him, hands roaming over her warm flesh, up to her breasts, thrusting them up to His view*~
{baji}Jermac ~*slowly turning to Him, her lusty eyes lock with His for a moment as the walls of House Malkinius remain silenced,,,one hand on her supple breast while the other moves to her moistened treasure, she tosses her head back, hair cascading down her back like a golden waterfall, the glimmer of the torch light dancing throughout,,,falling to her knees before Master Leonardo, she leans back, head to the floor, soft moans emitting from her sou
{baji}Jermac ~*quickly rising to her feet, she hears a noise behind her in the distance, twirling back toward the bucket, the tiny castanets chime out in sweet song, gracefully gliding to kneel before the bucket once again, she slips the finger cymbals from her fingers, laying them next to her, her palms resting on her thighs for an ehn, then reaching out to the brush, bringing it to her chest, holding it there as her eyes look far into the distance
{baji}Jermac ~*as she thinks of what once was, and her dreams yet to come, a soft smile lights up her face,,,her eyes meet with the long shadow before her, following the lines of the long black cloak, she finds herself looking into His eyes, she lowers hers in respect of Him as He continues to watch over her lithe form,,,the brush drops to the floor as she leans forward, arms outstretched above her head*~
{baji}Jermac ~*He speaks to her, telling her she is to come to Him for His use after the floor is done,,she whispers ~*Yes, Master*~ peeking up, she hears His cloak sway as He turns to walk away,,,raising to her full height upon her knees, hands floating to her thighs,,,fingers intertwining as they move to rest close to her chest, like a little butterfly fluttering happily with the dreams to come, a soft sigh on her lips, she picks up the brush, scr
{baji}Jermac ~~**la kajira**~~
~~**The End**~~

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