House of Malkinius

The Top Three Dances
of the First Round
The Butterfly

First Place:

* lirys{KAR} walks gently through the peaceful garden, listening to the silent growth and beauty of natures floral gifts, as soft opaque silks cling to her sweet form, like a wall between the natural beauty of flesh and the petals of the flora, both soft, smooth and pleasing to Man's eye.
* lirys{KAR} absorbs the tranquil spirit of life growing around her. her curves move with a gentle flow as she follows the soft noise of running water in the distance, breathing deeply, her mind is filled with natures symphony, the sensory delights of nature consume her, warming her beating heart.
* lirys{KAR} kneels on nature's lush bed of grass close to the banks of the clear running water, the creamy soft flesh of her parted thighs blending with the flesh of the grass, her mind wandering to the best gift of nature, and He enters the peace of her dream, bringing bliss and fulfillment to the environment she experiences.
* lirys{KAR} reaches her arms forth, wrists crossing as she clasps her thumbs, palms open, a gentle butterfly ready to take flight flittering along the ground.. midnight locks of hair frame her face as she closes her eyes, dreaming He were there to take her gift of submission, like the beauty surrounding her.
* lirys{KAR} hears the light flutter of a butterflies wings, she opens her eyes from the dream of Him, and seeing the glorious splendor of the creatures color and flight, she rises to her knees, the movements of her lithe flesh sublime in the garden of Gorean delights as the butterfly flutters before her
* lirys{KAR} smiles brightly, delicate hands floating upwards as her crystal gaze follows the butterfly's path, her eyes filled with the wonder of life as she uncurls her sensuous body, gracefully rising to her feet, twirling about on her toes as the butterfly flitters above her head..
* lirys{KAR} darts gracefully to and fro, the sweet sound of laughter floats upon the breeze as she follows the butterfly, frolicking merrily through the silent beauty of the luscious garden, her crystal eyes sparkle with joy as sheer silks swirl charmingly about her..
* lirys{KAR} flutters her fingers before her voluptuous body as she mimics the carefree flight of the butterfly as she follows it closely along the bank of the gentle flowing stream. lirys's dainty hands clap together as she laughs merrily, trying to catch it in the cradle of her hands
* lirys{KAR} claps her hands softly together, just missing the butterfly.. giggling joyfully, she skips after it through the lush vegetation.. the suns warm rays kiss her creamy soft flesh as she comes silently up on the butterfly, her hands just barely grasps onto it
* lirys{KAR} sighs softly as she opens her hands slowly, her heart beating faster as the butterfly rises up, fluttering away woundedly.. hurriedly she reaches out, tears in her eyes, carefully catching the poor butterfly in her warm hands.. the sweet light laughter gone from her eyes as she sees its struggle for life, her heart anxious, a slight panic to its beat
* lirys{KAR} whimpers softly as the butterfly slowly stops fluttering.. her heart crying out to it as she bends forward, her head touching the bed of grass as soft midnight locks fall forth.. cradling the butterfly, she crosses her wrists beneath her.. her body trembling as silent tears fall, lost in natures delight, the loss of life overwhelms her
* lirys{KAR} reaches her hands slowly forth, her trembling body lowering, stretching out upon the cool grass as she weeps uncontrollably, her lithe form quaking with despair.. her heart heavy as she gently lays butterfly on a soft bed of grass. the butterfly had the power spirit and the grace of angels, and is now gone
* lirys{KAR} presses up to her knees.. her face bathed in tears, body shaking in misery as she rocks back on her heels, creamy thighs rippling as she kneels modestly, straightening her back as she bows her head.. bringing her hands to rest upon her thighs as she contemplates the fragileness of this beautiful life.
* lirys{KAR} ~~ The End ~~

Second Place:

* {baji}Jermac ~*moving ever so gracefully to the center of the room, the flowing silks of white shimmer in the night air, moon light dancing on the silken tresses, they cascading like rippling water down her back*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*gracefully, her knees fold under her, rounded bottom resting on crossed ankles, leaning forward, pressing her forehead to the floor, her arms slowly extend overhead, crossing at the
* {baji}Jermac ~*delicate fingers moving closer, intertwining forming a new life, as her head raises from the stone, her soft eyes sees the tiny butterfly before her, it's gentle wisp of vibrantly coloured wings slowly fluttering*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*raising up from the floor, knees tightly together as uncrossed ankles support her rask, back straighteneing, she tucks her tummy in as her chest is thrust forward, as she holds her head high, dreamy eyes lower to the sight of the precious butterfly floating before her, inches away*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*watching as the tiny butterflys wings begin to take flight, a soft smile forms on her coral lips, it fluttering slowly, then, it's small form floating around her silken tressess, the slight murmor of it's motion as passes all around her, she follows it with wonder , watching the winged creature land at her feet*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*rising to her full height, tiny feet takes the girl around the room, pirouettes , her hair floating around her, the butterfly becomes more active, more brave, she following the beautiful creature, spreading her own wings in flight, moving from one side of the garden to the other, the moon light shining softly*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*the butterfly teasing the girl, slowing at times, she tries to capture it, arms moving in the air, hands clapping close to it, so close, but always just out of reach, a soft laugh emits from her, as she continues her quest for the beauty of nature*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*nearing the winged creature, her heart soars, wanting to hold the beautifully coloured friend near to her beating heart, the joy it would behold, then, as she finally has it in her reach, one last clap of her hands, it is caught in her grasp, her eyes trace the line to her soft hands*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*stopping in her path, she looks to the fragile creature, its wings flutter weakly, falling near the ground, reaching for it, the butterfly lands safely in her hands, shuddering as she realizes how fragile the lil thing is, her heart pounds hard within her, craddling it softly*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*singing to the tiny creature, watching as the vibrant coloured wings flutter, slower and slower, craddled it close to her heart, hoping the lull of her own heart, will somehow help her lil friend, the life draining out of it before her tender eyes, places a lil kiss to it, her heart going out to her friend*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*as if to protect it from further harm, the girl wraps her own body around the butterfly, emcompassing it in her love, knees modestly together, bottom resting on uncrossed heels, back and shoulders straight, head bowed, palms resting on thighs, the creature laying on her fingers*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*tears forming in her hazel eyes, she sobs softly, knowing the life is delicate, not to be taken for granted,the friend she had danced with flutters it's wings one last time, laying silent in the night air, slowly kneeling on uncrossed ankles, crossing her slender wrists, leaning forward, head to the floor, hair sweeping forward and over her shoulder, back exposed to the dark night*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*extending her body forward, arms outstretched fully in front of her, laying its peaceful form on the ground, her lil friend that taught a very important lesson to her this night, offering the leson to all around her, feeling the gentleness of the evening breeze running through her golden locks, a single tear remains*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*raising up from the ground, knees modestly placed, back and shoulder straight, rounded bottom resting on her ankles, which are uncrossed, head lowered as her heart feels the loss of the beauty, saddened eyes lowered, palms pressed downward to her thighs*~
* {baji}Jermac ~*The End*~

Third Place:

* siah{U} melts to her knees within the circle of brightly colored wildflowers in the fresh spring meadow. The beams of the raging sun dancing over her lithe form clad in snow white silk. Outstretching willowy arms as delicate curls of gold spill over upturned palms. Crossing delicate wrists in submission to the great wide open.
* siah{U} brings together long slender fingers to form the body of a beautiful butterfly. The wings created by the delicate folds of her hand as she presses remaining fingers close together. Emotional ripples of joy coarse through her veins as her body wrenches with the longing in her kajira heart.
* siah{U} languidly rolls to her back as she rests her gaze upwards to the careening clouds of the brilliant blue sky. The beautiful creature of the summer day rises upwards. Fluttering its wings with the mirroring imagery of her thoughts and feelings. Lost and alone as the zephyrous breezes whisper around carrying it higher upon the journey.
* siah{U} lazily rises pressing knees firmly together, curving back forth to match the arching height of the butterfly's journey into the heavens. Tempestuous curls spiraling about her shoulders to create the image of a yellow and white wildflower. Arms trace over her lithe form as the floating creature adventures upwards on the path of learning and the promise from within.
* siah{U} rises in fluid motion as the butterfly soars into the air above. Outstretching wings opening as the burning embers of her slave belly beacon forth. The passion and fire apparent as she twirls in a pirouette of flaming white silk. The flight of life and love beginning as her body teeters like a new found leaf in the wind.
* siah{U} lets the beast float away from her. A stormy gaze from emerald eyes watching it intently. Raging fires of her newly awakened slave belly journeying with the creature of her own creation. Wings wisp in quiet motion as she slips across the dew dampened grass. Colorful wildflowers forming a myriad of emotions with a sweet scent of life.
* siah{U} weaves her arms through the air in graceful motion. Bringing them downwards and together to form a cavern with delicate palms to capture the butterfly. Letting her gaze wander as the awakening sensations of her belly rage with thoughts of her Master's steel encircling her throat. A simple swath of diaphanous silk raises about her arms to portray the emotions of the beast inside.
* siah{U} clasps the silk about her slender form. The cocoon binding the raging creature within. Newly awakened sensations burn in the depths of her femininity. The fire of her slave belly burning hot as she swirls in an arc of fire.
* siah{U} catches the butterfly within the grasp of her hands. Its wings flutter with wounded breath as stormy sea green eyes mirror the anxiety of the uncontrollable flames. Knees folding into a pool of white silk as the submission of her emotion yields to the hard dew dampened ground.
* siah{U} brings the butterfly upwards to cross over creamy skin. The sensations of her hands whispering as the creature floats a breath away. The fires of her belly decrease as the depths of her eyes begin to mirror the trouble within. The glimmering wings of her beast slowly start withering away in the fading light.
* siah{U} carefully lets the butterfly settle close to her chest screening it from the treachery of emotion. Slender legs press tightly together as tendrils of golden hair flow about her angelic face. The rippling muscles of her back curve forth beneath silken flesh as head crops to the ground.
* siah{U} feels the fires of her belly and beast begin to die as the wings of joy stop fluttering. Crystalline tear drops slip from emerald eyes to roll down delicate cheeks. Wrists cross to her heart, bowing her back as she presses to the firm ground. A sea of emotion plays upon the contours of her face.
* siah{U} outstretches willowy arms beneath a curtain of golden hair. The fading light cascades in soft funnels over her still form as raging emotions of her journey calm to a steady breath. Back curves to the ground as she turns cheek to the left. Pressing herself firmly to the cold unyielding ground
* siah{U} lets the butterfly spill to the ground in a soft tumble as arms extend outwards. Bright green gaze watches with bright anticipation as the sadness envelopes her body. Longing for the one who will bring her beast and butterfly to life once more.
* siah{U} rolls lithe form back to press heart shaped buttocks to firm heels. Kneeling quietly as the sun lowers on the far off horizon. Palms kissing innocent thighs as the raging emotions of her body have stilled once more. Dropping head in sorrow.
* siah{U} ~*~*~ THE END ~*~*~

Revised 12/09/99