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Tal...and greetings all.

This section is about dance. Online Gorean dance mainly, but I will not limit myself to online interaction only as many of the online dances can and have been performed offline. While online dance is a mainstay of online only Gor and those who play at being Gorean online, I still retain an interest in it as an artform of creative writing and encouraging the taking of it from online to offline.

The is also the Dances of Gor E-mail list of which I am a moderator. It can be joined through E-mail by sending a blank email to or directly from Yahoo Groups and search on the topic Gor or DancesofGor. There is also the Dances of Gor web page which is of some interest to Gorean dancers.

Currently, most of this section is about the online Dance Interpretation contest I held in 1999. More information and my thoughts on dance will be added to this section as I have have them.

Should you wish to contact me directly, I can be reached at (There is deliberately no direct mail link.)


Revised 12/09/99