House of Malkinius

A Panther Does Not Have Spots
So I added some.

Before collaring a slave, you should be very very sure that both of you wish this to happen..

The Collaring of ermine.

`Selina` loosens her tunic's belt and fans herself as well..... hope, did it suddenly get *hot* in here?

hope`: no

Malkinius: just you Selina...just you...<grins>

hope` giggles

hope`: your turn `Selina`

argent{HML: no kidden Mistress

hope`: hope` take lt blue sack dress off she not hot then

`Selina`: Moi? da cold witch from da East? nebber ebber hot, not me, no Sirree Malkinius.

`Selina` feels beads of perspiration build up beneath her bangs and along her neck.....

Malkinius: hope...maybe you better get some cool water for Selina...maybe a wet rag to cool her down...<grins>

argent{HMLK} giggles at the Mistress

hope`: Yes Master

`Selina` glances at hope, knowing her to be uncomfortable in the camisk.... looks to her own tightly fitting leather pants, the billowing tunic covering an equally tight bodice.... pulls the small knife from her ample cleavage and sends it skimming over toward the staging area

hope` giggles and run to nice cold water bucket and fill goblet up and get another bucket and cold water and and run back with it

hope` smile give good towel dip in bucket

hope`: here Mistress `Selina` panther lady person time to cool down :)

hope` hold goblet to heart and say prayer

hope`: please let `Selina` be happy and stay cool and no heat rash

hope` sip goblet and look at Master and grin....wait to see if she feel fuzzy or keel over like dead slave in sack

Malkinius takes a long drink from the small cup.

hope` safe lift up to `Selina`

hope`: here is cool water

`Selina` nibbles on her lower lip, chuckles shaking her head......

`Selina` reaches for the goblet, and runs it's surface against the pulse at her throat then to her forehead.... lowers it and sips.... "keel over like a dead slave in sack, huh, hope?"

hope`: hope practice not use dead bug

hope` peeks up

Malkinius reaches down and brings argent's lips to his for a quick kiss...

`Selina` downs half the goblet then sets it aside..... reaches for the damp towel and wipes the back of her neck... and her chest.....

Malkinius: I am pleased with you argent...

argent{HMLK} smiles bright

argent{HML: thank you Master

hope` smile big

Malkinius reaches down and picks up the box with the blank collar...

`Selina` releases the binding fiber belt and lifts the tunic from her .... reaching behind she unfastens the bodice and pulls it from her hot flesh.... using the cool towel, she wipes beneath heavy breasts, their pale globes glistening... the pale peach aureoles pucker about deeper peach nipples which harden at the coolness.....

argent{HMLK} watches the Mistress

Malkinius: problems Selina?

hope` nod big

`Selina` stands, dropping the towel..... and unfastens the pants fully, pulling the tight leather over the gentle curve of her hips, slowly lowering them, revealing the silken skin of her shapely legs.... nods slightly as she bends forward to pull the clinging leather from one foot and then the other......

hope` hide eyes and hold towel for `Selina` privacy

Malkinius: argent...go put this box on the to the two house collars that I have up there...

argent{HML: Yes Master

Malkinius: then return..and kneel to my left...

Malkinius gulps a mouthfull of wine as he watches Selina...with interest...not having seen her like this for a while...

argent{HMLK} takes the box, crawling back a few paces, rises and scampers to the mantlepiece, she places the box on top, spins around,and scurries back to His left side, kneeling

argent{HMLK} watches intently

hope` looks at Master

hope`: she hot

hope` smiles and wiggle wet towel

hope`: camisk hot too

`Selina` looks to Malkinius then to the pile of clothing at her side.... with a soft sigh she steps from the furs, bare feet upon the cool floor..... her long ashen curls form a soft cloud about her as she slowly makes her way to Malkinius, the lamp light creating alternating patterns upon her curves and valleys.....

hope` smile at friend

Malkinius watches Selina...carefully.

Malkinius: Why are you doing this Selina?

hope` stay quiet and watch

`Selina` approaches, sliding a moist tongue over her trembling lips to moisten them...... her limbs feeling weak, she sinks slowly to her knees before Malkinius, urging alabaster thighs to spread more widely..... she draws back her shoulders, the ripe breasts lifting proudly, and lays her hands to rest palms upward upon creamy thighs. she takes a deep breath... and whisperrs

`Selina` swallows the lump in her throat..... leans forward, drawing her arms gracefully before her, crossing her wrists as her torso lays to the floor at Malkinius' feet

Malkinius: Be very careful what you do Selina...

Malkinius: Be even more careful what you say.

hope` scared for friend

argent{HMLK} watches the Mistress, find her heart, smiling

Malkinius: By appearing before me this have already broken the laws of most cities of Gor.

Malkinius: They could enslave you for your actions.

hope` goes to kitchen get fry pan and quiet go back so she can bap if anybody hurt friend

`Selina` grins.. "just for being hot?"

argent{HMLK} giggles softly

Malkinius: For appearing before a Free Man undressed as you are...

Malkinius: Imatating a slave.

Malkinius: It was not many days ago I unlocked a collar from about your throat belonging to your previous Master who is no more.

hope` put fry pan away and watch

`Selina` swallows and whispers nervously , "but i come to beg to be slave to You, Master."

Malkinius: You do not have what it takes to do that Selina...

Malkinius: Remember my words to you...

`Selina` feels her heart sink as she searches her memory for what was said

Malkinius: "Malkinius: Whenever you bring me the collar and beg me to put it on you..."

Malkinius looks back to the fireplace...and the two collars waiting there.

`Selina` nods, slowly wriggling back from You.... "may i go get the collar from the mantle, please, Master?"

Malkinius: I am not your Master Selina...

`Selina` eases back, and as she rises on shaky legs, thinks 'but perhaps You will be'.....

Malkinius: I also give you the opportunity to withdraw what you one friend to another.

`Selina` turns and looks over her bare shoulder, shaking her head slightly, "i would not wish to withdraw it, Master"

argent{HMLK} winks at hope

hope` stay quiet and tug camisk

argent{HMLK} giggles, thinking, its a good thing camisk can not be strecthed out with all the tuggin

Malkinius: It is the first time she has had one...

argent{HMLK} grins

Malkinius: I told her it was for "formal occasions"

argent{HML: Yes Master, she looks pretty in blue

hope` pouts

`Selina` hears her blood rushing thru her veins as she quickly makes her way to the fireplace, stretches up on tiptoe, reaches for one of two twin collars resting on the mantle..... her fingers tingling as she carefully draws it down from its resting place.... holding it to her heaving breasts she turns and retraces her steps, sinking into a graceful tho nervous kneel at His feet....

hope`: naked better no wash clothes

argent{HMLK} agrees heartily

`Selina` mutters "and not nearly so hot"

hope` nod big

hope` smiles at Master

hope`: no catch hope` if naked

argent{HMLK} takes a deep breath, thinkin this is to strange

`Selina` pushes her arms forth and upward, a House collar held reverently between slender fingers..... her head bowed, soft curls of ashen blonde draping over her nakedness..... she whispers.... "please, Master Malkinius, selina begs Your collar."

Malkinius closes his eyes for the moment...

Malkinius: Selina...out of how much I care for you...I offer once unhear what I just heard...

hope` smiles and watch

Malkinius: My collar is not easy to close about your neck...

Malkinius: It is much harder to open once again.

`Selina` purses her lips as she nods at Your words then draws in a large breath, letting it out slowly......

`Selina`: Master, You of all people know seli is no panther, no freewoman.... Your words to argent yesterday morning burned into seli's heart.....

`Selina`: for seli to have a chance at regaining what was lost.....

`Selina`: to be what she should be

Malkinius: For if I open my eyes to you begging my my codes...Selina, the Free Woman dies tonight....and a slave may be born in her place...or a body to dispose of in the canals...

`Selina` sighs softly

hope` tears

`Selina`: Master, Selina the freewoman was nothing but a lost hurting soul

argent{HMLK} reaches over and wipes hope's tears, gently hugging her

hope` not want to see friend dead in canal

Malkinius draws his sword, his eyes still closed.

`Selina`: and her only chance at salvation is for a good and wise Master to reteach her what it means to be slave......

`Selina` wipes her tears on her shoulders

`Selina` draws another breath, glancing to the sword....

hope` wipe selina's tears and stay quiet

`Selina`: and if Master You do not wish to be that one, then seli begs death at your hand

argent{HMLK} closes her eyes tight

Malkinius opens his eyes.

Malkinius stretches out his left hand...

Malkinius: The collar.

`Selina` raises her trembling arms toward You, the collar lightly held in numb fingers

Malkinius takes the collar, turns and sets it on the arm of his chair.

hope` is glad selina got good meal

Malkinius: Kneel to the off your body...neck extended.

`Selina` bends her arms, scooping thick tresses in her hands as she turns on her knees to face away from You.... her eyes closed, she lifts her chin high, the column of her throat extended and bare......

Malkinius places the edge of his sword on the back of Selina's neck, letting her lighly feel the steel.

Malkinius: For that last time I ask...what would you be???

argent{HMLK} holds hope, hugging her

`Selina` shivers, her breathing raspy.... please, Master Malkinius, seli would be slave of Your house if You permit.

hope` hug argent and watch friend

Malkinius raises his sword...

Malkinius: What are you?

`Selina` bows her head, tucking her arms beneath her breasts..... please, Master, seli is slave

Malkinius: Accepted.

argent{HMLK} smiles bright

Malkinius shethes his sword.

Malkinius: return to the position of submission slave.

hope` watch quiet

`Selina` softly releases the breath she held....... turning she settles on widely parted thighs, her firm bottom held in the cradle of her heels... holding her arms up and forward she bows her head between them, holding crossed wrists up to Master Malkinius.

Malkinius pulls a binding fiber from his pouch, having replenished his stock since the night before...

Malkinius quickly wraps loop and loop around the slave's wrists, tying them with a capture knot...

Malkinius turns and picks up the collar...turns back...and holds it out to his new slave.

Malkinius once more this night outlines the letters engraved on the steel...Property of the...House of Malkinius.

Malkinius: This collar proclaims you slave of my house..

hope` smiles and think it nice necklace for selinna

Malkinius: you become an extension of me and mine....

`Selina` listens as best she can thru the pounding beats of her heart.....

Malkinius moves her hair out of his way...and turns the collar...

argent{HMLK} smiles to her new sister, but truely not new has always been a sister thru her spirit, and heart, tears burning my eyes, feeling so happy

Malkinius places the collar around the former slave, former Free Woman, former Panther Girl's neck....

Malkinius closes the collar with a final...CLICK!

`Selina` shivers as the cool air washes over her bared neck and back...... yet her heart brims full as the cold metal encircles her neck...... smiling with joy

Malkinius: Selina is no more...

argent{HMLK} bounces her fanny on her heels claps her hands, teares softly fall r/l

Malkinius: ermine{HMLK} kneels before me now...

*** `Selina` is now known as ermine{HMLK}

hope` give argent hanky

Malkinius: stand ermine...

argent{HMLK} takes the hanky and hugs her so loved sister hope

ermine{HMLK} kneels back, and rocks from her toes to stand before her Master, a single tear trickles down her cheek

Malkinius steps up to his slave ermine, takes her head in both his hands...

ermine{HMLK} glances up to Master Malkinius, her green eyes shining and a soft blush tinting her cheeks...

Malkinius takes what he wishes from the lips of his slave...deep and lasting...hard and full...taking his time...his pleasure from her lips...

ermine{HMLK} 's fingers curl as her bound wrists press to her belly, her lips soft and pliant as His close upon them.... she moans softly as His mustache digs to her upper lip.....

Malkinius bites ermine's lower lip, letting her know her Master, letting him know the full taste of his slave, then just as abruptly as he started, he pulls back and releases ermine.

hope` watch and giggles

ermine{HMLK} rocks back unsteadily, gasping, her eyes flutter open as she struggles for balance.

Malkinius: kneel...

ermine{HMLK} gratefully folds her knees beneath her, setting luscious thighs widely spread.....

hope` smile and sneak to store room and fix Master's bed

Malkinius returns to his chair...sits slowly...watching first ermine...then argent...then hope.

hope` giggles and give bed extra fluff

argent{HMLK} smiles at hope, seeing pure kajira

ermine{HMLK} whispers, please, Master, may ermine speak?

Malkinius: yes...

ermine{HML: thank You, Master.... ermine just wishes to express how grateful she is to You for collaring her to Your House..

Malkinius: I only did what you wished of me ermine...

Malkinius: Perhaps not entirely in the way you expected...

Malkinius: But I seldom do that...

ermine{HMLK} grins, thinking that is surely the truth.

Malkinius smiles....

ermine{HMLK} blushes as she remains kneeling before Master

Selina and I had talked at some length about my collaring her. She was almost ready to beg the collar when argent showed up and plans were abruptly changed. I had placed the collars on the mantlepiece in the House Description and removed them after they adorned a slave's neck. I do not ask a slave to take my collar. I place an empty one on the mantlepiece in my House and inform the girl that should she wish, it is waiting for her. The final choice of any Gorean slave is whose collar they will wear. I honor that choice. I will never collar a girl who is unwilling.

ermine has been part of online Gor longer than most people, slave or free. Having her depth of history of our online community was an asset to me. On 28 February, 2000...ermine was released from my collar at her request. It was with regret that I did so, but it was past time for it to have happened. It can be hard to let go, even when you know it should be done.

The next evening after collaring ermin, I collared hope, naming her vair{HMLK}. I do not plan on putting vair's collaring online. I collared three slaves in three successive days. I do not recommend this foolishness to anyone, online or off. vair was released in early November 1999 by her own request. She may not have been all that she claimed to be and was unhappy with two other slaves in the house. I have had little word of her since the day after her release.

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