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House Malkinius Gathering
Number 35
Waterford, Wisconsin - 23 November, 2019

Tal and greetings...

This will be gathering number 35 of my bi-annual Gorean gatherings. My gathering will be held once again in my home. In this case, southeast Wisconsin. It is a bit further from Chicago but an easy drive here. The approximate location is a few blocks away from the Cotton Exchange Restaurant on the west side of Waterford Wisconsin. The specific address will be given to those who contact me about attending. It will be Saturday starting at 1 pm and ending at 11 pm. There is more privacy here and a working fireplace which I may make use of in the evening. Due to the cancellation of GorFest, my gathering is now the longest continuously running, regularly scheduled public Gorean gathering. This is 17 plus consecutive, unbroken years of bringing Goreans together in person.

If someone wishes to come from a distance and stay overnight, I can arrange something at my place or there are hotels in the area. Friday night, if anyone comes early, has the same rules as Saturday night. Those rules can be found below. While this is technically a public meeting, I put some limits on it including the option to deny entry to anyone I deem not welcome in my house. To further this end and to better plan for the number attending, I do not give out the location unless you RSVP me via email or in person or you have been here before.

Since this gathering is in my home, it does have a full kitchen and hot dishes can be prepared or warmed. There is a microwave. I will provide some food and drink as well as whatever people bring. There will be Wisconsin cheeses. I do ask for either a donation to help cover the food and drink or that you bring food/drink to share. There are restaurants a short drive away if people wish to have a full dinner at a restaurant. This will be decided on the day. One important advisory is that the house is the home of a dog who may or may not be elsewhere that day. It will be impossible to remove all allergens before the gathering.

I am planning my Spring 2020 gathering to be on Saturday, April 25, 2019. The location will be the same. This date has a habit of shifting a bit but it should be close if not on this weekend. You can check the Gorean Offline Events Forums on FetLife (see link below) for announcements of the event as well as my web site Gathering page. While a change of date is possible, I hope it will not happen.

I welcome anyone with a serious interest in Gor and living as a Gorean to my House and to meeting with other Goreans face to face. Those people interested in power exchange or consensual slavery relationships are also welcome.

House Malkinius Gathering

A House Malkinius Gathering consists of two parts. First is an open discussion period. Second is dinner and a time for slaves to serve the Free as slaves in the Gorean style. Anyone may join us at any time during the day or evening. You do not need to stay or come for all of it.

I am deliberately making this more limited than some group's gatherings in order to make it more accessible to people, especially people new to meeting others offline. Attending this Gathering does not make you Gorean or prove anything about you except maybe gender and that you have an interest in living as a Gorean.

The following links are to the places where last minute updates and schedules will be posted. You do need to sign up for FetLife to read the forums there.

FetLife Forum: Gorean Offline Events


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General Discussion

This part of the Gathering is for discussion of various topics among the people attending. The purpose is to openly discuss Gorean topics of many sorts. Preference will be given to topics involving living as a Gorean, Gorean meetings, and other Gorean topics. Non-Gorean topics other than getting to know other attendees will be discouraged but not disallowed. Getting to know people is highly encouraged.

House Malkinius Gathering Rules

Gorean Meeting and Serving Protocols for Kajirae

These are the Chicago Gorean serving rules. I am using them for my gathering serving rules since they are partially based on my original rules and are better than what I had before. This is considered a private event.

The following rules apply to unowned kajirae, those wishing to become kajirae and others identifying as submissives or slaves who wish to serve instead of being identified with the free attendees. Throughout these rules all of these types will be identified as kajirae. Anyone who is not a kajira, unowned kajira, etc. will be considered Free and will be identified as 'Free' or 'Master' in this document, regardless of actual gender.

The Chicago Goreans host two types of events, Public and Private. Public events are typically held in a public venue, outdoors, or otherwise within easy access of non-attendees and are open to first-time attendees and drop-ins. Private events are typically held in a private home or other limited-access venue with a known guest list. When in doubt, the host of an event will determine which set of rules applies.

Exceptions to these rules will be made only for medical or religious needs, or as arranged with a girl's Master which must be expressed in advance.

General Expectations

Private Events

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