House of Malkinius

Rules of the House of Malkinius
as it exists in its online IRC setting

Currently the preferred activity in the house is the conversations between people living and learning to live as Goreans. The House Rules include but are not limited to those times when learning is best accomplished through online theater or roleplaying. While that is not encouraged, it is not disallowed and if done, these rules will be followed. The next three (3) rules apply no matter what you are doing, the rest are mostly left over from the roleplaying days but still applicable if such things are done again.

All people who enter must be at least 18 years old.

All Free Men and Women are welcome within my house.

kajirae may enter freely, but must beg permission to leave or go AFK if there are any Free Men or Women present.

If you are going to do a serve, then read the Description of the House and the Notes on Serving in the House of Malkinius. There is no "Servery".

While a bit of roleplaying within the descriptions of the House is allowed, this is not roleplaying channel. Anyone attempting to make it so or acting in such a manner will be kicked and banned.

This is not a tavern. It is a hall set up to allow the training of slaves in several different settings all within the same space. Contributions for consumable supplies are welcomed.

Many items found in taverns are not available here. Consult the Serving Notes for what is available.

Overt sexual scenes are not encouraged. There are two alcoves to the left of the auction block by the stairs. Use them or be discrete.

The House may be closed for private training/activities at any time. Please return later if this happens.

If something is needed that is not available, ask Malkinius and he may see about providing it.

This is the House of Malkinius. His word is law within his House. Respect and honor this.

Revised 27/04/08