House of Malkinius

The Collaring of iris

Time has passed since the previous slaves I collared online and orb, who I first collared online, then offline. This occurred at the end of June, 2001 after a picnic held by the ChicagoGor group in Kankakee, IL. iris drove south from where she lived and I drove north from where I lived to meet at the picnic. I picked up another slave along the way who wanted to go too, so this enabled me to have something I have not had before, pictures of me collaring a slave. Before, it was online or just between the two of us offline. The pictures that follow are some of the pictures arial or I took of that event.

iris has been a part of my House since February, 2000 when my former online slave ermine met iris and her former Master Tann offline and they brought iris to me online for instruction in the ways of being a Gorean slave. This continued in a slow and irregular fashion online and a couple of offline sessions with her Master's permission until the summer of 2001 when her Master released her. After a period of talk and discussion, I agreed to take her as my slave at a time to be arranged when I had finished my preparations for collaring her. I did promise that I would give her at least a day's notice before I collared her online. (Which I did.) What I did not say was that I planned to collar her offline first!

As the picnic ended, I had arial fetch a bag and a round wicker box from my car. I opened the box before iris and while showing it to her asked if she wished to have what was inside. Inside was a leather slave collar I had made for her. After the initial exclamations of surprise from both slaves, iris begged to wear my collar. Since this was happening in a public park, I only had her remove her sandals as I spread out the fur from the bag and had her kneel to me. I then handed my camera to arial and bade her record the event.

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Iris 1
A slave to be, kneels before her Master.
iris 2
iris learns what will happen to her if she begs the collar.
iris 5
The moment draws close.
iris 7
iris begs to be slave and slave to my House.
iris 8
Hands bound...neck collared...slave.
iris 9
A very emotional moment.
iris 10
The instruction on what is expected of her as a slave starts.
iris 11
Collaring a slave is a time of happiness.
iris 13
A happy slave showing off her new collar.
iris 14
arial and iris {HMLK} after the collaring ceremony is over.

A few days later I did collar iris online, after giving her her days advance notice and repeated much of what I said offline, and added some things that were easier done online where there was a record and they would not be forgotten.

In February 2004 I released iris from my collar so that she could finish her search for a Master she could serve full time. She did find such a Master and is now living with him in Michigan. I have always wished her well and certainly do so now in her life with him.

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