House of Malkinius

The Tale of the Lil Princess

There are times when something gets said that says, "remember me, for I speak a great truth". On a recent night, in #House_Malkinius, such a thing happened. A slave who is known to me came to me to beg my mercy and forgiveness for her actions after being released by her Master. Upon hearing that my slave vair had begged release from my collar, hayli tried to talk her out of it by telling her a story about her own life. I found great instruction value in her story. Here is an edited version of the log which tells the story. Free and slave alike should read and learn from this.

Lil Princess:

hayli^: let see

hayli^: vair

hayli^: i'm going to tell you a story

hayli^: There was a Master

hayli^: and he has this slave, who thought she was a princess becuase he loved her, and she did everything so well and everyone liked her.

hayli^: Well, she loved him to pieces, and she loved him very much, but then one day, the evil monster of pride reared its ugly head and the lil princess went on a rampage

hayli^: she gave her Master Ultimatiums

hayli^: she gave him threats

hayli^: she accused him of many things that just werent' true

hayli^: all in her temper tantrum

hayli^: you know where it got her

hayli^: it got her the choice, either stay and be a slave or go and be a princess, well she chose wrong, she gambled that he would take her back, with tears and im sorries

hayli^: she gambled and wound up hurting them both VERY Much

hayli^: she gambled wrong

hayli^: and because she did that

hayli^: she hurt others the whole next week

hayli^: she tore apart a dance forum, she said mean things to her sisters, she was an absolute pain the ass to anyone that would be near here

hayli^: WHY

hayli^: because she thought she could make her Master hurt, and destory herself so she wouldn't feel that way anymore, because she didn't want to feel like a slave or the fhurt and pain

hayli^: BUT

hayli^: then she started to realize some things, the evil lil princess, started talking to the Master she loved with calm and rationale thought, she started to listen to him.

hayli^: the Nights that helped with the forum gave her a piece of there mind to, and a few other people that new her as a spoiled lil monster did as well.

hayli^: you know what she hurt herself, her Master, the people she loved the most, she hurt those that trusted and believed in her, she hurt everyone, all because she only thought of HERSELF

hayli^: the evil princess has learned something though, the moral of being a slave is not about what you want or how you feel, its about how your Master feels and what makes him happy.

hayli^: Sometimes

hayli^: even the lil princess and her Master had trouble, and problems, but that is all on the rocky road in which one experiences within the steel of a Man

hayli^: life is not all rainbows and colored flowers

hayli^: it is life, we are human, and we will fuck up

hayli^: so if you leave and quit what does that accomplish

hayli^: you would hurt only yourself and the ones you love

hayli^: your sisters would be sad to

hayli^: think of everyone you love before you leave vair, because once its done, its hard to gain back the trust and understanding you worked hard to get to this point, because once you throw it all away, you may never get it back.

hayli^: i love you vair

hayli^: hugs her

hayli^: the evil lil princess has learned

hayli^: and now she will pay for many months for what she did in a span of five to ten mins

hayli^: it won't be easy

hayli^: it will be many tears

hayli^: and much hurt

hayli^: but she chose the hard road

hayli^: she had the easy way

hayli^: she had someone that loved her and only wanted to succeed

hayli^: but she threw it all away because she was a selfish princess

hayli^: the moral of this story is thus

hayli^: neverever

hayli^: make a decsion or somthing when you are upset or angry, always give it a week, or tow, even a month

hayli^: lean on the ones you love

hayli^: and let them help you

hayli^: theres nothing wrong with asking for help

hayli^: it often times will be good for you

hayli^: and always be honest with your owner

hayli^ looks to Master

hayli^: thats all really Master

hayli^: and if you think i'm a bitch vair

hayli^: your probably right

hayli^: you can yell, scream at me and call me names

hayli^: but i won't let you leave

hayli^: it will be over my dead kajira body

hayli^: and the baby larls at the door

hayli^: oh wait

hayli^: i need to add something

hayli^: sighs

hayli^: vair

hayli^: out there

hayli^: points to that vast cesspool of what they say is gor

hayli^: are liars, theives, gamers, and people who will HURT YOU

hayli^: they only care about there channels

hayli^: and making them popular with good slaves

hayli^: and you darling are a good slave

hayli^: a very good one

hayli^: i've seen you serve

hayli^: you serve with your heart and passion

hayli^: your kind

hayli^ point to your heart

hayli^: in here

hayli^: i know this cause

hayli^: they won't leave me alone

hayli^: i have to hide

hayli^: and thats not what slavery should be about

hayli^: Master Malkinius cares about you sissy

hayli^: he locked steel on you for a reason

hayli^: because he seen what you had inside

hayli^: points to her belly

hayli^: it won't always be easy

hayli^: but it gets better

hayli^: i promise that

hayli^ hugs her

hayli^: i hope you don't hate me

hayli^: i just dont' want you to hurt like i do

hayli^: you know i will talk to you anytime

hayli^: smiles

hayli^: we can help each other if you let me

This was spoken in my channel by hayli and posted her with her permission. I did edit down from the full time she was in my house and I did remove some extraneous bits from my log. vair said nothing during hayli's story, so her comments are not included. I also edited slightly for spelling/typing to make the narrative easier to read, but not for content. vair was released later that night and she who was first girl of my house will be missed.

Revised 13/10/01