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Slaves of House Malkinius

Tal...and greetings all.

This section has been renamed to more accurately reflect what is here. This section is about the various slaves that have been collared to House Malkinius or to me. Not all the stories have been written, but they will be. It starts out whith the first three that were online only, argent, ermine and vair. It continues on with orb, iris and flory who served me offline as well as online. Currently, this section end with jess, the first slave to be in both my House and personal collar. (Her tale will be here eventually.)

The first three were during my admittedly online only, gamer to becoming real days. I did not have enough sense not to collar the first three in three days. I did have enough sense to know that I did not then know enough to master a woman offline, but I was learning as I made my mistakes and learned from others. The second three were the progressive understanding of what it really means to be the Master of a slave. The learning just how much work and responsibility comes from being responsible for the life of another person. Many things have been learned over the years from orb to jess and many mistakes made and I have enough honesty to say that both will continue to happen. I am adding jess in the overlap because she wore a house collar, just as the other three did. However, she now wears my personal collar locked around her throat. I have a rule that no slave may enter my personal collar unless they have been in a House Malkinius collar first. This way we both have time to know if it is the right thing to do and the slave must either be living with or very close to me as well. The page about Levels of Training In House Malkinius explains this in more detail.

I have also started to use a House Malkinius training collar for slaves I am or have been training. While they are in, they are not of the house so I will probably not be putting their stories here.

If you see an online tag that says {HMTC}, that is the House Malkinius Training Collar. If you see an online tag that says {HMLK}, that is the House Malkinius Collar. If you see an online tag that says {MLKN}, that is my Personal Collar.

Should you wish to contact me directly, I can be reached at (There is deliberately no direct mail link.)


Revised 30/05/06