House of Malkinius

The Top Four Dances
of the Second Round
The Tree

First Place:

{baji}Jermac ~*rocking back on her heels, the girl gracefully rises to her tiny feet, running toward the post, golden locks flowing over her creamy shoulders as sheerest of crimson silks kiss her curves, dropping to her knees, they close together as she takes refuge in it's shadow, dainty hands lay on her toned thighs*~
{baji}Jermac ~*hands raising to her face, covering it as though a mask, feeling propelled into a dreamworld, the girl leans forward, peering through splayed fingers around the mighty tree, it standing stately with its rough bark protecting it, the leaves providing shelter, roots strong and deep*~
{baji}Jermac ~*drawing back behind the tree, slender arms cradle her own body as she starts to sob softly, her unspoken need allowing her creamy thighs to open slowly, startled by her strong urges, she snaps them closed, looking around her, a frightened look upon her face*~
{baji}Jermac ~*the girl peeks to the other side of the magnificent tree, softly sighing as she finds herself alone, rising to her feet, leaning with her back close to the tree, her body begins to sway lightly close to it, with the song of the gentle wind running through the leaves, her hands running over her, eyes closing in thought*~
{baji}Jermac ~*at the snapping of a twig, her gaze turns to the right, stopping suddenly, falling to her knees, they part widely as she embraces herself, softly trailing her hands to her thighs, rubbing her warm flesh, thoughts of One in her mind while noticing her open thighs, pulling them together tightly*~
{baji}Jermac ~*with fear evident in her eyes, she quickly glances from left to right around the tree, caressing the horizon with her hazel eyes, holding herself tightly, gently rubbing her shoulders, then the rest of her body, delicate hands down to luscious breasts, cupping them, caressing them, lightly trailing her fingers around her soft pink nipples*~
{baji}Jermac ~*running her soft touch to her belly, thighs drifting open as the desire builds within the depths of her soul, nails raking the softness of her inner thigh as a rustling of leaves are heard to her left, motionless, thighs return closed tightly, again, she fearfully looks first to one side of the tree, and then to the other*~
{baji}Jermac ~*leaning forward, she buries her head into her hands, sobbing as her body trembles, hearing unfamiliar sounds, she looks from side to side, wiping the tiny tear drops from her cheeks, as she sits up, a calmness moves over her, relaxing as she now knows what she must do*~
{baji}Jermac ~*rising to her full height, rounding the other side of the tree, taking her belt off, she wraps it around her left wrist, tying it loosely, leaning up close to the tree, her body rubs against it, as though it were her Master, slowly, golden tresses dance about her shoulders as her movements quicken*~
{baji}Jermac ~*hands moving over her, caressing her curves, then pressing her hot flesh against the tree once again, her movements caressing it, yearning, needing, all the while, her ears are alerted to the sounds from before, falling to her knees, she reaches to the tie at her shoulder, tugging at it slightly, sheer silks fall about her waist*~
{baji}Jermac ~*back arching slightly as her hands cup her breasts, thrusting them toward the tree with thoughts of her Master running through her being, hearing the sounds in the distance again, she looks around her, seeing nothing,,standing before the mighty tree, a song upon her heart as gentle as the cool breeze*~
{baji}Jermac ~*her hands move to her sheer black silks, helping them down over her hips, their softness kissing her legs as they move down them to lay in a dark pool at her feet, twirling around the meadow,from one side to the next,her hair flowing around her,,,her naked form for all to see, dancing to an imaginary audience, of which they remain unknown to her*~
{baji}Jermac ~*fnding herself back at the tree, she sensually dances around it, running her hands through her hair, caressing her body, <<Crack>>, she hears the branch snap, twirling around quickly, her eyes meet with two Men, one to each side of her, stunned, her hands move to hide her breasts and treasure*~
{baji}Jermac ~*letting her arms drop as she floats to her knees,resting them on her thighs, she looks to both Men, one of Them beckon her to Him, rising cautiously , she dances toward Him, silks floating along her curves, hands moving over her as she almost reaches Him, He motions her to the other Man, twirling on her feet, her eyes lock with His, her lips parted slightly, softly smiling to Him*~
{baji}Jermac ~*slowly as the song plays in her heart, she nears Him, hazel eyes pleading to Him, He directs her back to the tree, hands trailing down her sides as she reaches it, turning, her back to it now, she slithers down the length of it, its roughness a contrast to the silkiness of her back , knees finding themselves in the lushness of the grass, palms rest gently for a moment, eyes lowered*~
{baji}Jermac ~*taking the loose end of the belt, wrapping it around her free wrist, binding them together, she lowers her head,her arms raised above, wrists crossed in submission to Them, with fingers woven together, pausing slightly , her bottom then resting on her crossed ankles, fingers fluttering as if they were a tiny butterfly landing on her thighs gracefully, resting there gently,,,her eyes close softly*~
{baji}Jermac ~*her eyes open slowly, the dream she yearns for in the horizon, not far away, just within her reach*~
{baji}Jermac whispering softly ~*la kajira*~
{baji}Jerm: ~~**The End**~~

Second Place:

lirys{KAR} shifts nervously upon her heels, the glow of the hearth casting its warmth through the Hall, shadows dancing mysteriously on the walls. Hearing a sound nearby, lirys rises, frantically running to the post, dropping to her knees modestly behind it. Her ample breasts rise and fall with each anxious breath as she attempts to hide herself from watchful eyes peering from the shadows.
lirys{KAR} covers her small face with trembling hands, then peeks out, terror flashing in her big blue eyes. the post is her tree of safety, shielding her from the reality she finds herself in. she struggles to suppress the slave within, wrapping her arms about herself. shifting back on her heels, her creamy thighs unconsciously spread wider as she rocks to and fro.
lirys{KAR} sobs silently, alone in her misery as silky midnight tresses fall in disarray about her shoulders. Looking about worriedly, she hastily closes her thighs, her heart beats faster as she realizes she has slipped into the position of a pleasure slave. A look of apprehension crosses her face as she seeks to understand the conflicting emotions churning inside, an unknown hunger slowly burns in her belly.
lirys{KAR} sighs, looking furtively around the post. Slowly, lirys uncurls her willowy frame, muscles rippling faintly as she rises gracefully to her feet. Twirling around, her diaphanous silks whisper seductively about her curves as she comes to rest, back against the smoothness of the post, tentatively trailing trembling fingers along her voluptuous curves.
lirys{KAR} moves seductively against the post, hips swaying gently. lirys stops suddenly, freezing in place as she hears a footstep to her right. Trembling, she drops to her knees, her heart beating faster. wrapping her arms tightly about herself, tremors race through her as she looks fearfully around the post. she rubs her palms nervously on quivering thighs"
lirys{KAR} closes her thighs modestly as she struggles to calm the rising terror that consumes her. trailing her hands up along her sweet curves, warm firelight plays over her lovely form. Quiet shadows dance about as her caresses follow the deep valley of her breasts, brushing tentatively over her quivering belly, along the silky smoothness of her thighs as they part wider.
lirys{KAR} starts suddenly as she hears a sound coming from her left. fearfully, she peers around the post, her troubled gaze searching the deep shadows. she trembles and bends forward, her creamy thighs closing tightly. she cradles her head in her hands, alone, disconsolate. she sobs silently, yearning to kneel at the feet of a Master...yet so very afraid, knowing His touch would proclaim her slave.
lirys{KAR} kneels up as the sounds seem to come from every side at once now. frantic eyes search but, seeing no one, she rocks back on her heels, resigned. she dries her tears, and a small flame of determination flickers deep in her eyes, then flares into a burning certainty. her back stiffens as she banishes her doubts and suppresses the urge to flee, instead resolving to face her fears head on.
lirys{KAR} rises with the grace of a she-larl, moving sensuously around the post. The distant sound of a kalika reaches her as she takes the crimson belt from her waist. Sheer silks flow freely, teasing her silky flesh as she wraps the belt about her left wrist. Her hips begin to sway in a slow gentle rhythm.
lirys{KAR} closes her eyes, a gentle smile curves her full lips as a vision of Him fills her thoughts. lirys's satiny flesh grazes against the post as she dreams of how it would be if her soft body was brushing up against Him, her hands tenderly caressing her curves, exploring the new sensations.
lirys{KAR} drops to her knees, her creamy thighs glistening as they part wider. raising graceful hands, she hesitantly unfastens the gold chain and drops the wisp of silk at the base of the post, freeing firm, perky breasts from their silky barrier. her nipples harden as she lifts them, as if making an offering to Him.
lirys{KAR} gazes off into the darkening shadows, sensing something, but seeing nothing. she flows sensuously to her feet, gingerly tugging at the knot upon her hip. she gasps, the wisp of crimson teasing smooth flesh as it falls to a silken pool at her feet.
lirys{KAR} sashays around the post, sweet hips rock tantalizingly. Twirling about, raven locks fall in disarray about her shoulders as she stretches up on her toes, her lithe form glistening in the warm firelight. Gracefully, she dances about the sandpit, her heart beating faster as she moves seductively, teasing the shadows.
lirys{KAR} swirls around, dancing enticingly to the post. Clasping the post gently, she twirls around it, pulling her body closer to it's smooth surface. Wrapping a fine toned lag about it, her silky flesh caresses it's surface as she moves, succumbing to the fire in her belly.
lirys{KAR} whirls, raven tresses flaring over her shoulders and circling around to shadow firm breasts. her heart races as she hears a sound from behind, and two Masters step from the shadows, one on either side of her. Embarrassed, she lowers her hands, modestly attempting to cover herself.
lirys{KAR} trembles and slips to her knees, her lithe body sublime in the firelight. she bites her lower lip, creamy thighs part wider, her back arches softly as she rests her hands upon her thighs, her sensuous body totally open in her submission. she averts her eyes, swallowing hard as she senses the Masters approach.
lirys{KAR} shyly peers at the Masters from beneath long lashes, her heart beating faster as One motions her to Him. Rising to her feet with the grace of a she-larl, she glides across the sands, seemingly as if on air. Provocatively, her hips rock, beckoning to Him as she draws closer.
lirys{KAR} circles Him. seeing the pleasure in his eyes, she boldly draws closer, her satiny flesh teasing him as she brushes against him.. Luscious curves glisten as she offers herself to His gaze as she twirls seductively, muscles rippling as she stretches up on her toes before Him.
lirys{KAR} turns as the Master motions her to the other Captain, her pulse quickening as her sultry gaze falls upon him, His crimson cloak enhancing handsome features. she taunts him with her dance, hips rocking invitingly as she approaches and sashays around him.
lirys{KAR} turns gracefully as the Master motions her back to the post. her round bottom swishes provocatively as she returns. she lowers her gaze and turns to face the Masters, trembling. she slips to her knees before the post, creamy thighs parting wide as she shifts back on her heels
lirys{KAR} arches her back, firm breasts thrust forth inviting the Master's touch. lifting her chin proudly, her hands travel down along luscious curves, and come to rest gently on quivering thighs, fingers splayed wide in submission as she turns her palms upwards.
lirys{KAR} takes a deep breath, heart racing as she wraps the loose end of the belt around her right wrist. her sultry gaze lowers respectfully as she raises her arms towards the Masters of Port Kar. thumbs interlocking, she crosses her wrists, palms up, as she kneels in total submission before them.
lirys{KAR} ~*~ The End ~*~

Third Place:

kallah{E} waits, a bit of turquoise silk wrapping her, belted tightly at the waist, drawing it tantalizingly close to her skin, letting it drape across her curves, fiery hair tossling, she rises and runs quickly, climbing the steps and sliding behind the center auction pole, a flash of pale flesh and silked curves, folding long legs under her, tightly pressed together as she takes her face in her hands and quickly peeks outward.
kallah{E} draws back from the shaft, eyes frantically searching upward, as she twists her arms about her, taking a deep shuddering breath, catching a ruby lip in her teeth, she searches the ground for some escape, her dismay apparent as she closes her thighs quickly the shortness of the garment revealing how they had fallen open, rising to her feet spinning about trembling, pressing the shaft into her back, hands stroking the smooth wood.
kallah{E} glides her left leg back twining about the pole, hands slipping up over her, sliding up the pole, as a girl strokes along the shaft, shifting against the unrelenting length, her body halts, her head gazing right, her body alive with trepidation, pressing down to her knees, her back against the pole, her thighs spreading wide, arms tightening about herself and then stroking down her thighs, drawing her knees closed in frustration aga
kallah{E} bends her body, peeking around the pole, first right then left, her fiery tresses quieting on her shoulders as she draws her arms close, stroking down her belly, long red nails teasing her flesh as her thighs part, nails trailing along her delicate skin, tracing patterns as they move over curves and breasts, her back arching into the pole, as her finger press into her thighs, her eyes closing as she feels what she fears.
kallah{E} sighs softly, caught in the paradigm of feeling her trepidation and her need, lifting her left hand over silked skin, sliding over a girls serpentine curves, reaching up and grasping the band of steel on her neck, pulling lightly at the unyielding band that encircles her throat, her head a wash with sensations and fear.
kallah{E} gasps lightly her eyes flying to the left her body tensing as she searches, her legs slipping together, body twisting to peek around the shaft, curving forward her shoulders wracked with tears, hearing them approaching, she turns frantically to see them, drawing herself up and wiping her tears with the slip of garment she wears, exposing her thighs, nodding softly to herself and rising pulling the silk deliciously about her body.
kallah{E} slips to her feet, sliding the shaft about her body til she stands at the front, freeing her waist binding, reaching a girl up to lace it through the lower rings, twining it about her left wrist as she twirls it drawing a girl up high, her left foot back as the shaft grinds into her, squirming against it's smoothness in her back, twisting her body so that she faces it, stroking the binding against her, not caring if she is seen.
kallah{E} hears the noises and turns briefly dropping to her knees, pressing them wide about the base, lifting her hands to her belly, arching back, drawing the ocean colored silk off her shoulders and baring her chest, lifting supple breasts and sliding against the pole, so the shaft slips between them, glancing about to see what seeks her, but finding nothing, squirming against the pole, as the sensations seek her surrender, seek to own her
kallah{E} slowly draws herself up it's length, the shaft sliding about her belly and between her breasts, hands falling to her sides as the silk slips away and pools at her feet, knowing the pole is unyielding as a man, turning about, twisting and twining in all directions, begging for someone to see her distress, her body grinds against it, desires filling a girl as she begs and pleading the wind caress her, her ankles twisting in the silk.
kallah{E} spins about seeing them, covering herself, lowering her eyes in shame, dropping her hands, falling to her knees before them, a helpless girl caught in her own desire, pressing into a deep kneel, hands stroking down the outside of her thighs, her need and body exposed to them, a fiery girl exposed in flesh, glancing up from one to the other hoping one will call her to him.
kallah{E} crawls to the nearest, displaying her long supple limbs, rising before him, drawing her hips in slow rolls, bending back exposing her desire, wishing to press close to him, wanting to rub a girl against him, resolutely moving to the other as he directs her to go to him, drawing her body up in long slow ripples, like water washing across a beach, her body full of need, begging for a touch, a single touch.
kallah{E} draws away to the pole, grinding against it, turning about against it's length, twining a girls body along its shaft, pressing into it, desiring the unyielding texture along her skin, pleading to the men to draw to her, bind her, take her; her body crying out, as she falls to her knees opening them, pleading with the men, taking her left bound wrist and drawing it about her, sliding it over her curves as she looks at them.
kallah{E} lifts her wrists to them, exposing herself, twisting her free hand in the cord until she is bound by her will before them, helpless, a mere bound slut, locking her thumbs, pressing down deeper into the wide kneel, fiery hair kissing her collarbones with wispy locks.
kallah{E} lowers to the ground before them, pressing her breasts into the golden sands, her arms reaching out before her, her head turned lightly to the left her eyes closing, as her fingers slowly flutter to rest, a single tear falling silently down her cheek, her breath shallow in her surrender before them.
kallah{E} ~the end~

Fourth Place:

siah{U} scampers through the House to the far side of the great tem-wood pole positioned in the sand pit. Gently folds to her knees in a whisper of diaphanous silk, emerald eyes lit with passion as she curves her back, pressing palms to tender thighs..
siah{U} lets small hands raise to cover her angelic face. Slipping fingers slightly apart as glitter green eyes shine with a sadness from within her beating heart. Raising herself upwards on knees quietly to press against the hard pole, feeling the rough wood comparative to the bark of a tree.
siah{U} recoils from the touch of the wood as willowy arms enwrap her slender form. Feeling silent tears of sorrow streaming down her creamy cheeks as lithe legs part to reveal the tenderness of her inner thighs. The heat of her kajira flame starting to burn as a look of confusion plays across her features before closing them tightly.
siah{U} rises fluidly holding onto the unyielding surface of the pole, shyly peeks around the side as a soft *sigh* escapes parted lips. Turning her back against the pole as she presses to it for comfort, hands begin to caress up and down her lithe form as she squirms with delight and anticipation.
siah{U} stops! Hearing a slight sound coming from the right. In startled fear falls to her knees with legs wide spread. Arms embrace her form in a gentle hug as she lets go to rub hands up and down on her thighs. A soft realization plays across the contours of her face before quickly clamping her thighs together.
siah{U} peeks around both sides of the pole fearfully. Slender arms encircle her lithe form once more as fingers slowly rub across cool skin. Caressing her way downwards as thighs part. Watching with emerald eyes as fingers work downwards to roam over her thighs and taut belly in sensual movements of desire. The shivering anticipation of lust flowing through her mind.
siah{U} 's eyes revert to the left as a strange sound rings forth. Her body freezes in time as thighs close in fear. A skeptical look crosses angelic features as she peers around first the right and then the left side of the tem-wood post. Beating fists in the sand as she bends forward, hiding her face in soft palms.
siah{U} sits up as she begins to hear sounds from both directions. Wiping crystalline tear drops from delicate cheeks as she resolves a decision within her mind, rising fluidly to step to the opposite side of the pole in confidence. A belt of soft bosk leather come from around her waist to encapture delicate wrist.
siah{U} purrs softly as she rubs up and down against the pole, feeling the strength of its surface, as thoughts of her Master come to mind. Alternating teasing caresses between the hard tem-wood and her nubile body, a soft gaze roams over her surroundings for the mysterious noise. A circling touch and tease of finger tips keeps her body in suspense..
siah{U} sinks to her knees as thighs part wide, supple mounds of slave flesh bared in offering to the pole. The sound coming once more from both directions, but still no sign of the source as she with curiosity. Pushing upwards to stand as fingers undo the rest of her silks, watching as they flutter quietly to the ground to rest in a scarlet pool.
siah{U} turns quietly, poising her body in stillness. The raging beat of her heart joins with the passion from her belly as she twirls aimlessly about the area. Feeling the searing gaze prickling her skin, but not knowing the source. Hands roam in tender caresses over her body as she stops before the pole.
siah{U} languidly turns before the pole as hips sway sensually. A golden curl hangs saucily over her shoulder touching bare slave flesh, moving slender hips in circular motion as she moves up and down in time with the rhythm. A noise plays from the distance as she whirls in sheer nakedness to face the sight of 2 strange Men.
siah{U} smells the masculine sent knowing her body is trapped within the power of the two men standing on both sides of her. Hands raise to cover her silken breasts as a groan emits from her throat
siah{U} regains her composure as hands drop aimlessly to the sides of her body. Slowly descending to rest upon her knees, parting legs wide as her back curves slightly, letting a stormy gaze raise to look from one Man to the other. A simple gesture coming from the Stranger to the left, knowing inside she is to dance the passion of her belly.
siah{U} raises her body in fluid motion to seductively sway in the breeze of the afternoon light. Moving hips in sensuous figure eights as hands rove against silken flesh. Whirling in an arc of pirouettes as her gaze roams over the Stranger. The gesture of his hand points to the one on the right.
siah{U} twirls towards the Stranger. Feeling his gaze roam over her body as she dances her passion for him. Tossing her head back to let haunted anger ring forth. Pirouettes in an arc before him, feet moving from side to side as her slender form squirms in anticipation of his touch. Only to find herself directed towards the pole.
siah{U} whirls in frustration as she moves aimlessly back to the pole, lifting high on her toes as left leg slowly rises to reveal silken flesh. The searing gaze of the Men plays over her body as she spirals downwards to rest upon her knees before the pole, slipping legs wide as palms fall upwards on her tender thighs.
siah{U} crosses her wrists as the loose end of the bosk belt is strapped tightly by the Stranger to the right, bending forward to press against the cold ground as her face turns to the left. Tumbling curls of golden hair wisp in a soft curtain about her slight form as she presses thumbs together to form the body of a butterfly, feeling her body lay in stillness for several ahns.
siah{U} feels her fingers flapping around her interlocked thumbs. Willowy arms outstretching to press against the tile as she turns her face to press left cheek firmly to the ground. A parting sight escapes her lips as eyes flutter shut as her fingers move in a soft flapping motion. Her body comes to rest once more in the cocoon of safety.
siah{U} ~*~ THE END ~*~

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