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Well...after all these months I have finally added some real web links to this page. You would think it would have been a simple page to do....I certainly did. But, obviously, it wasn't. I will be adding some descriptions and more links as time goes on as well as rearranging them to some extent. If you find any dead links, let me know and I will fix them as soon as I can.

I often give new people to Gor a few web pages to read. I am going to mention those here. Consider all the rest to be optional reading. First and foremost is the Silk and Steel site. It is the best Gorean site on the web. Regretfully, it is currently closed. Following it are the Gorean Public Boards and the Gorean Voice sites. Another link I insist on, especially for new slaves is the Gorean Whispers Warnings pages. The rest of the Gorean Whispers site is also good and I do recommend reading it as well as the Crooked Tarn site. I am trying to list only what I believe to be good and/or useful web sites.

So, expect this list to grow and change over time. I may include sites where only part of it is worth paying attention to and the rest is mostly worthless, but I will make those clear when I do it. Use the Silk and Steel site as the standard to judge the worth of information on other web pages. There might be a few errors left there, but you may trust it above all others.

Silk and Steel

The Gorean Public Boards

The Gorean Voice

Gorean Books for Sale by Pantheus

Republisher of the Gor books and book 26, Witness of Gor

The official book web site

The longest running pure Gorean forum

The main Gorean Wiki. It leads to other pages

Old and new essays by Bear of Ar

One of the better descriptions of how things are and how they developed

Marcus of Ar on what the Gorean philosophy entails

One of the best pictures of positions websites currently available

One of the better pictures of positions web sites currently available

One of the better pictures of positions web sites currently available

A site for learning about Owner and Property enslavement

The Internal Enslavement base web site

Slave training based on Adlerian psychology that is more complete in its information than most

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