House of Malkinius

The Wind Smiles

Occasionally, a bit of poetry comes out. This was written as a thank you for help given to me in my early days in the online version of Gor. Perhaps you know of whom I write?

The Wind Smiles

The wind comes softly from the north,
Down the peaks, where thunder reigns,
Gently stroking hills and valleys,
Moving southward, the wind smiles.

From ice and pine and snowy crags,
The wind speaks, with gentle names,
The tongues of man and nature both,
Reaching outward, the wind smiles.

Flowing, covering, like a skin of silk,
Like water flows, from melting snows,
Onward seeking, with amber vision,
Drifting eastward, the wind smiles.

From windswept plains to oceans mighty,
Fragrant prose, like a flower grows,
Strong, yet gentle, wind leads the way.
Roaming westward, the wind smiles.

The wind's soft words from out the dark,
Leaves no doubt, where growth starts,
Wrapping the words in velvet embrace,
Reaching inward, the wind smiles.

Now from the north, the thunder calls,
Words reach out, touching hearts,
From fields and palms of golden south,
Returning northward, the wind smiles.

Revised 22/09/00