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kajira Section

This section is currently very much under construction. There is much that I wish to add to this area that is only partially finished (if that) right now.

This section is mostly devoted to presenting some of the materials I use when training slaves in House Malkinius. Some of the documents were developed from other people's work as research and resources for these documents. Others are totally my own creation. I have found the information useful and I present it here so that others may also find some use in it and for those I train to have it for reference. Other pages are things pertaining to slaves that I have written or had slaves do. The 100 Tals page is an example of this. The LiL Princess page is something which occurred in my house one night and I thought it worth preserving.

All the material is as accurate as I can make it according to the books where that is appropriate. I do welcome comments and corrections, from typos to facts. I also welcome commentary where your views differ from mine as well as suggestions on how to make it better. I will do my best to note the differences between the books, and things created on IRC. Where I can I will cite quotations from the books.

From time to time in these pages, I may cite and direct you to other web sites. Unless I have something new to add, why should I recreate the good and useful material that others have done. Some of these external links will also be on the Links page, some may not.


The first thing a slave must learn is the rules their Master wishes them to live by. I have such Rules for Slaves of House Malkinius. These rules do not include everything I will demand of a slave or require them to do. They are, however, the limits within which I allow them to be a slave of my House. Mostly they are in place for the protection of the slave. A personal slave of Malkinius will have a different set of rules than these rules for those I train and who wear my House collar.

Words and language used by the slave are important. Both to show the status of the slave and to instill a certain mindset within the slave. Thus this section on The Language of the slave.

I feel that there are four stages to the transition between online only and offline slavery. This short essay about the 4 Stages gives my breakdown of them and the transitions between the various stages.

Should you wish to contact me directly, I can be reached at (There is deliberately no direct mail link.)

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