House of Malkinius

flory, The Legal Slave

There was this girl that I used to talk to some times on the silk and Steel channel on DALnet. She was usually only on during the summers when she was not taking classes. We got to know each other a bit over many a conversation but drifted apart as she concentrated on her school work.

Some years later she posts to one of the email lists asking for help in trying to feel her slavery again. She asked if anyone had any rituals they used with their slaves to do this. No one replied so I emailed her doing the usual, "Hi, remember me?" and offering some help if she wanted it. She did. This got a series of emails going between us as we worked on a number of things together to help her feel her slavery again. This was in late summer and fall of 2002.

The slave was now in post-graduate school and working pretty hard at it and I helped her with her scheduling to keep her on track for her studies. In October we agreed to meet and I flew to where she was. This was the first time she had actually spent time with a Master as a slave. She had met one she was collared online to for a few minutes once, but he rejected her when he actually saw her in person. I did not reject her. In fact, I can even say she got wet the first time she saw me. <grins> It was raining and she came to the car where I was waiting to take her to dinner. I have a picture of it. We did have an enjoyable weekend and she got her first taste of kneeling at a Master's feet as the slave she wanted to be.

Things continued a bit after this until she decided to beg my House Collar. In January of 2003 I brought her to where I was and collared the slave flory. After that weekend she went back to school as she still had a year and a half to go.

I now refer you back to the title. flory, the Legal Slave. If you haven't guessed, she was in law school. This is what proved to be the problem. We both found that she could not both dedicate the small amount of time I wished and still do the school work she wished at the level of time required. A few months later I released her from my collar to pursue her education. She did graduate with honors. I am very proud of her. She passed the bar in that state and in the state where she is currently living. We have remained in touch over the years and she will always have an open door to my house and to me should she ever wish to use it or need my help.

Revised 30/05/06