House of Malkinius

Dance Contest

This was a three part dance interpretation contest. Each contestant took a specific dance framework and createed her own dance from it. There were three different frameworks and the contest occured on three different nights, each one week apart.

Unlike most dance contests, There were real prizes for the winners, as well as special recognition for anyone participating in all three dance sessions. The first prize for each contest was a $10.00 Gift Certificate from Pantheus good for buying books. There was one $10.00 certificate for each of the three contests. The overall winner with the most points from all three contests was awarded a $20.00 Gift Certificate. The books are available through Pantheus Books.

Each dance framework was released one week before the contest. This gave each dancer one week to create the dance. All dances stay the property of the dancer or her Master. Anyone may use the framworks after the contest to create their own dances. I do ask that credit be given to me for the framework.

The dance does not need to be an exact interpretation of the framework. You may add or subtract from the framework as you wish. However, each dance has certain items that must be included.

With the permission of the dancers, I have posted the dances after their frameworks. The contests were be held in #House_Malkinius on austnet. The contest started on Saturday, August 14, 1999 and continued on August 21, 1999 and August 28., 1999

The First Framework...The Butterfly

The Second Framework...The Tree

The Third Framework...The Brush

Revised 12/09/99