House of Malkinius

Why Should A Slave
Wish A Strong Master?

"Why Should a Slave Wish a Strong Master?"

Why should a slave wish a weak Master? A slave wishes to be controlled. They wish firm limits and guidelines, not fuzzy wiggle room to twist in whichever way they please. Ok, some slaves do want loose rules. They are the ones who wish to control their slavery. In the BDSM world, this is called "topping from the bottom". They are the people who wish to be slaves when it suites them and not at other times. Can we really consider them true slaves?

Goreans expect a Master to be solid and unyielding with their slave. A slave may still be asked their preference on some matter and the Master may allow the slave to have their choice. A classic example of this is a Master asking their slave what movie they would like to watch. The slave might choose a movie they think their Master would like to see, a movie they would like to see (which might be the same movie), or a movie the slave believes their Master would accept seeing. (I will go into the logic of making such choices another time.) The Master has the option to accept or reject the choice. Whichever way the Master goes, it is still the Master's choice of which movie to watch, no matter who chose the title.

A slave is expected to make choices all the time. Choices within the guidelines their Master sets and choices that their Master does not care or need to make. Most Gorean Masters do not micromanage their slaves except in those few areas which directly impact or please them.

Even the stongest Master will not lay down rules for everything, as it is impossible to cover every situation except in a general way. They will establish rules, which give direction to their slave in places that their specific rules do not cover. The slave must do their best in any situation to decide which of their pre-existing rules will apply and how their words or actions would best reflect on and please their Master. The slave will not always choose correctly, but with experience they will do so more often.

Strong control and limits on choices is what many slaves are looking for when they decide to become a slave. This is in addition to the need to serve and give themselves to others. If they do not find the strength they are looking for they will not be happy. This can lead to a slave looking for a new Master. This is not a good situation for either the Master or the slave. Eventually the Master will either change, the slave will beg release, or the Master will release their unhappy slave. The slave must then look for a new, stronger Master. If a slave feels that their Master is not being as strong and commanding as they are looking for, they can beg to tell their Master where the slave's problem lies. It could be that the Master does not wish to do more than they are, or they have become so pleased with their slave that they see no need to be as strict as they once were. Whatever the reasons, it is the obligation of the slave to present their problem to their Master for resolution.

Thanks to the internet, Masters and slaves can interact and learn about each other before a collar is begged or they start living together. This is a good thing, however, they can never know enough or as much as they will learn being together offline. The learning they can do online is often enough to make decisions about a Master or slave before making a final commitment. But remember, people can be very different in how they appear online and what they are like in person. Both Master and slave must choose the best they can when looking for a slave or Master. But take heart, real strength of character and mastery will show through in the end if you take your time and look carefully.

Revised 29/12/01