House of Malkinius

Language Usage

Language and word choices do shape our perception of reality. It is my intention that slaves of the House of Malkinius use certain words and terms in the same way I do. This is both to facilitate communication and to shape their perception of our shared Gorean reality. It also includes certain usages for online interaction. I hope this information helps others to understand how I use various terms and how I expect slaves I train to speak.

Language Usage:


We all speak Earth language(s). With a few exceptions use proper Earth grammar and spelling when interacting in a Gorean setting. There are some conventions in use online that are not common in the books, but are the established norm online and you will abide by them.



A Master or Mistress always has their name capitalized. A slave's name is always lower case. When speaking to someone, do not include any ` ^ - _ or other marks added to their name. `Malkinius^ is just called Malkinius. A slave is not to use a free persons name by itself. Always add Master or Mistress as appropriate. A few free people do not wish slaves to use their name at all. Abide by this if you are told of their preference. If a slave's name starts a sentence, it is still lower case. Spell out abbreviations that are part of a Master's name. (LrdRaven would be Lord Raven instead of Master Raven, Master Lord Raven or Master LrdRaven.) If they have Mstr or Master in their name, do not use it twice. Do not abbreviate a Master or Mistresses name, spell it out. If you are unsure of how to use their name, beg their indulgence and ask them. Be sure to remember and record any answers given to you. Slaves will not shorten their own name or the names of other slaves. Their names were placed their by the wish of men and they will be used in that fashion. If you can not tell if a name is male or female, assume they is male. You may also wait to see if anyone else in the channel addresses them, and use the gender others do.


A slave refers to all free people as Master or Mistress at all times. Try not to mix them up and call a Master a Mistress. If you do make this mistake online, apologize immediately, beg their mercy and remember and record it for future times. Usually the name itself will tell you if they are male or female. If on IRC, always do a /whois on an unknown free person before you greet them to both learn about them and because it can help ascertain if they are male or female.


Use standard Earth capitalization with a few exceptions. Master and Mistress when referring to someone are always capitalized. Slave names never are, even when starting a sentence. Do not capitalize or use the alternate forms (All/all, You/you, etc.) to indicate both slave and free or capitalize You or Your when referring to a free person. Do not capitalize words in the middle of a sentence unless you wish to emphasize the words. All caps works better for this. Earth, Gor and Gorean are capitalized when referring to the planets and people. The word earth refers to dirt, even on Gor.


The word Urth was never used in the books. It is strictly an online gamer term. Ko-lar is a word that was used as an example of dialect in one places in the books. Do not use either word.

Third Person Speech

It is an IRC convention for slaves to always use third person speech. (A girl wishes you, bina begs forgiveness, talena went to the store, this slave would learn from you, etc.) Do not use I/me/mine/my or any form of possessive except the 's. (A slave's hand is raised, bina's collar belongs to House Malkinius, the slave ermine's silks are scarlet.) While a slave owns nothing, not even their name, their body and those things which others have allowed her to use are in the possession of the slave and thus are her's to use. Do not claim ownership of anything.

I happen to prefer third person speech from my slaves when offline as well when in private or Gorean company. The exceptions to this are Goreans meeting in a public place and another Gorean's home who does not prefer this usage. In all cases, my command at any time will supersede general usage.

Special Gorean Words

Most Gorean words from the books are place or object names. There are a few exceptions. There are also dictionaries of supposedly Gorean words or Kassar words dictionary. Some of these dictionaries are total fabrications. Do not use any words or terms from them unless they can cite book references for the words, or from any Kassar dictionaries. You may use a specific web based dictionary if given permission and clearance for its use by your Master if he has checked it out.


Use the terms online and offline in reference to where you were doing something. Some people use VT/RT for virtual time and real time. Virtual time is time spent on the net and it is not real time. Sorry, all of this time is real time, even if all of your actions/reactions are going through a computer.

This is reality. This is part of your real life as much as the time you spend off the computer. The people on the other end of the computer connection are real people behind the persona they project online. You are spending a real section of your life doing this. This is a form of reality, there is nothing virtual or simulated about it. Therefore you will only use online or offline to describe whether you are on or off the net and not use real life to describe your time offline.

Respectful Speech

A slave will be respectful toward free people at all times online, offline or in writing. There will be free people with whom you can relax and banter. Go with how they indicate by word or action they wish to be treated, or ask them privately if unsure. If a free person reprimands you for something you did or did not do, beg their mercy for your error and change your ways. Accept any punishment given as long as it does not break any previously established rules you may have. Always acknowledge their statements towards you. Remember...the slave always gets the last words...they are "Yes Master."

Revised 02/06/06