House of Malkinius

The 4 Stages of Slavery

Some time ago I was talking with a slave about the stages of slavery as practiced by those people who are connected to Goreans via the internet. Perhaps depths would have been a better choice of words...but I used stages. This is the expanded version of what I told her.

For the purposes of this document, I mean online to be net based chat of some sort whether it be IRC, ICQ, web, or whatever medium you use and email.

Stage 1:

The first stage is online only. Almost the only things not done online are the computer based tasks of reading and writing something or reading books. For example, a Master telling his slave to read something on a web page while they are not online and write a report about it or just write something for him are probably some of the most common types of offline activities among Stage 1.

Stage 2:

The second stage is where the Master starts to control some of the slave's offline life. He can tell the slave to wear or not wear something, to do or not do something, but all the communication is via online as the Master and slave never physically meet. They might use a web cam at this stage.

Stage 3:

The third stage is when the slave has face to face meetings on occasion with her Master. She spends time serving him offline. The Master usually takes more control of slave's offline life at this stage. The frequency, duration and depth of the offline interaction will vary considerably. It may well change over time as well. It is at this stage that many Masters and slaves have found that what works for them online is not working offline. It is also where many decide that it does work for them and they wish to go to Stage 4 and make it full time.

Stage 4:

The fourth stage is where the slave is offline with her Master all the time, 24/7 as it is called. The two may still do things together online, but the emphasis and interaction as Master and slave is almost entirely offline. The Master controls most to all of the slave's life.

Some people never go through all the stages, some never get past a stage. Also, the stages blur into each other at times. The lines are not hard and fast, not in all areas. A Master and slave may briefly go into a stage then retreat from it.

If I have a slave perform an offline action or activity, that may not take it from Stage 1 to Stage 2. The difference there is control of a slave's offline life, not a few actions. Just as if I were to meet a slave for lunch. We have not gone to Stage 3. If she was my slave for a weekend, you could say that we had done so.

The gamers and role players are almost totally Stage 1. Some do go to Stage 2. A few do make it to Stages 3 and 4, but I doubt they last long there unless their main emphasis is BDSM or sexual games and not Gor.

These are my labels and my definitions. I find that they are useful for describing certain activities. They are also not hard and fast definitions, but they suit me and match what I have observed.

Revised 03/06/06