House of Malkinius

Malkinius Revealed asked for it.

These pictures show mostly my back as they were taken by a friend of my opponent. This is a nice picture of a thrust to the neck. It takes fast film, shutter speed or a very fast digital camera not to have blurs with the speed of the strikes.

Even though I often wear black, my caste is not that of the assassin. I have been fighting and teaching various types of sword work for more than three decades. Michael Longcor has a line from a song of his entitled The Swordsman that says that "Old swordsmen get that way, by being very good". Am I that good? I will leave that for others to judge. There are others who are better than I am, many who are worse. Even Tarl Cabot took wounds on occasion. No swordsman is invincible all the time. I will settle for winning just one fight at a time.

Malkinius in Black.

Revised 30/04/08